» » Врачи Knock, Knock (2000– )

Short summary

Mandy gets involved with a young girl with a burnt hand and money troubles. She owes a loan shark a £1000, and the debt is getting larger by the minute! When the girl ends up in hospital though, Mandy has a go at the wrong guy! The drug trial has started, and Freya has to see Aunt Patti to put her straight on the lies that she wrote on the application form, so that she doesn't give the game away! Cherry has the problem of what to buy Jimmi for his birthday!

Episode cast overview:
Adrian Lewis Morgan Adrian Lewis Morgan - Dr. Jimmi Clay
Janet Dibley Janet Dibley - Dr. Elaine Cassidy
Lu Corfield Lu Corfield - Dr. Freya Wilson
Simon Rivers Simon Rivers - Dr. Kevin Tyler
Sophie Abelson Sophie Abelson - Cherry Clay
Danielle Henry Danielle Henry - Mandy Marquez
Ian Kelsey Ian Kelsey - Howard Bellamy
Jan Pearson Jan Pearson - Karen Hollins
Patricia Brake Patricia Brake - Patti Sylvester
Jenny Platt Jenny Platt - Carol Heaton
Steve Hansell Steve Hansell - Andy Thompson
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