» » Return to Amish Donut Season (2014– )

Short summary

Jeremiah and Carmela introduce Lowell, Shelly, and Dawn to the English world. Drama unfolds between Shelly and Lowell and threatens to ruin everyone's time. How will Sabrina react to news of her father's death? Will the Amish community welcome Mary back?

Episode credited cast:
Ada Byler Ada Byler - Ada
Lowell Hoover Lowell Hoover - Lowell
Dawn Martin Dawn Martin - Dawn
Carmela Raber Carmela Raber - Carmela
Jeremiah Raber Jeremiah Raber - Jeremiah
Burkholder Sabrina Burkholder Sabrina - Sabrina
Mary Schmucker Mary Schmucker - Mary
Joanna Yoder Joanna Yoder - Joanna
Jonas Yoder Jonas Yoder - Jonas
Lashell Yoder Lashell Yoder - Shelly
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