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Perfect Strangers Games People Play (1986–1993) watch online HD

Perfect Strangers Games People Play (1986–1993) watch online HD
  • Original title:Games People Play
  • Category:TV Episode / Comedy / Family
  • Released:1986–1993
  • Director:Joel Zwick
  • Actors:Bronson Pinchot,Mark Linn-Baker,Melanie Wilson
  • Writer:Dale McRaven,Bill Rosenthal
  • Duration:23min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

The paper sends Larry to go on a game show called "Risk It All" and write about being a contestant. He is told that he needs a partner so he asks Balki to come with him who is a big fan of the show. When Larry learns that contestants have to do sloppy stunts on the show, he gets antsy that is until he learns that they can just answer questions instead but Balki who wants to do the stunts is battling him for which to do.

A toilet brought out for a stunt is said to have been provided courtesy of Cunningham Hardware in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the name (and location) of the hardware store that Howard Cunningham owned on Happy Days (1974)

The stunts used in the scenes with the game show, "Risk it All" included "Sit on it", "Dueling Buckets", "Wheel of Schmutz", "Flyin' Chickens" and "Bobbing for Bananas", some of which were used on the kid's game show "Fun House" hosted by JD Roth. In fact, the entire game show set and set pieces were borrowed from the "Fun House" production (both shows were done by Warner Brothers). Pinchot and Linn-Baker oddly enough, did a promo for "Fun House" during it's Late '80's/Early '90's run.

Episode cast overview:
Bronson Pinchot Bronson Pinchot - Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker Mark Linn-Baker - Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson Melanie Wilson - Jennifer
Rebeca Arthur Rebeca Arthur - Mary Anne
Belita Moreno Belita Moreno - Lydia
Jo Marie Payton Jo Marie Payton - Harriette Winslow (as Jo Marie Payton-France)
Bob Goen Bob Goen - Bink Warmington
F.J. O'Neil F.J. O'Neil - Mr. Wainright
Jude Mussetter Jude Mussetter - Kelly Langston
Marr Nealon Marr Nealon - Contestant #1
Lynnsey Ryan Lynnsey Ryan - Contestant #2
Jim Neil Jim Neil - Stage Manager
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