» » Perfect Strangers Hocus Pocus (1986–1993)

Short summary

Balki's been volunteering at the youth center and is helping them prepare a benefit children's show. He asks Larry to come to the show but he's preoccupied with trying to find a story he could submit. Later the woman organizing the show, drops by to bring Balki something and let's it slip that Margaret Thatcher might drop by. So seeing the opportunity to interview her, Larry goes to the show but when the show ends early, Thatcher's security man tells them not to come to the center. So Larry asks Balki who's an amateur magician to perform. But when Balki's done and Thatcher hasn't arrived, Larry tells him about Thatcher and begs him to go on and Balki does and with Larry as his assistant does things to him.

This episode was taped on November 14, 1990.

Episode cast overview:
Bronson Pinchot Bronson Pinchot - Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker Mark Linn-Baker - Larry Appleton
Tony Montero Tony Montero - Secret Service Agent
Gloria McMillan Gloria McMillan - Mrs. O'Neil
Nick Lewin Nick Lewin - Amazing Timmy
Bruce Lanoil Bruce Lanoil - Ventriloquist (as Bruce LaNoil)
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