» » Amour, gloire et beauté Episode #1.5412 (1987– )

Short summary

At the hospital, Katie, having just suffered a miscarriage, asks Brooke if she can have baby Jack over for the night. Later, Brooke tells Ridge that Katie's behavior was strange. It was almost as if Katie thought Jack was her own child. Elsewhere in the hospital, Marcus recovers from a snake bite. Donna sobs with relief when she finds out he'll be okay. Later, Steffy reacts the same way when she comes to visit. It had never occurred to her that Death might steal away Marcus. Stephanie visits the hospital. Donna lays into her, accusing her of putting the snake in the crate. Moments later, she changes her tune and begs Stephanie to protect her against crazy Pam, whom she believes is the real culprit.

Episode credited cast:
Texas Battle Texas Battle - Marcus Walton
Cameron Carr Cameron Carr - Jack Marone
McKenzie Carr McKenzie Carr - Jack Marone
Susan Flannery Susan Flannery - Stephanie Forrester
Jennifer Gareis Jennifer Gareis - Donna Logan Forrester
Katherine Kelly Lang Katherine Kelly Lang - Brooke Logan
Kyle Lowder Kyle Lowder - Rick Forrester
Alley Mills Alley Mills - Pamela Douglas
Ronn Moss Ronn Moss - Ridge Forrester
Heather Tom Heather Tom - Katie Logan
Hunter Tylo Hunter Tylo - Dr. Taylor Hayes
Jack Wagner Jack Wagner - Dominick Marone
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - Steffy Forrester
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