» » Reich und schön Episode #1.761 (1987– )

Short summary

Stephanie notices that Eric is still thinking of the other woman. Eric is appreciative when she stays neutral on the topic. Meanwhile, Brooke calls Donna and gets confirmation from her sister that Eric and Stephanie are trying again. Brooke asks Donna to not tell her father that she is in Paris. She takes restaurateur Pierre up on his offer to stay in a room above his café and tells him more about her complicated love life. Eric decides to make another attempt to find out about Brooke's whereabouts and pays Donna a visit. Donna riles into Eric for hurting her sister.

Episode credited cast:
Robert Clary Robert Clary - Pierre Jourdan
Susan Flannery Susan Flannery - Stephanie Douglas Forrester
Katherine Kelly Lang Katherine Kelly Lang - Brooke Logan
John McCook John McCook - Eric Forrester
Carrie Mitchum Carrie Mitchum - Donna Logan
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