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Short documentary about the making of the special effects for Ghostbusters. Includes interviews with most of the major special effects team. Created especially for the special edition of Ghostbusters on DVD in 1999.

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    • Author: Maximilianishe
    The Ghostbusters DVD was one of the earliest to feature the kind of extra's we now take for granted. Amongst the plethora of goodies this reunion of the effects team is probably the least impressive. They managed to get all of them back together, only to place them on a bench against a brick wall. Richard Edlund introduces the old BOSS films team, most of whom rattle off their resume. Not all of them get an anecdote in, some being way too camera shy. When things really started to get boring, director Anita Holly cuts to some old behind the scenes footage of Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz talking about the thermal nuclear accelerator on their backs.

    Interesting facts include: Slimer (no more than a green peanut in some shots) was inspired by Bluto from Animal House. They chopped up a hundred model police cars and converted them into Marchmellow Man scale taxis and fire trucks, yet none of them moved. Peewee Herman and Grace Jones were both considered for Gozer the Carpathian. Harder to imagine (but proved by original storyboards) is that John Candy was originally cast as Louis Tully. I am not quite sure why these effects people talk so much about casting. It's a nice little segment on the DVD, but on it's own just shy of a few hilariously shaped explosions. Still, this way it reaches more people than if they had made these people record an audio commentary.

    5 out of 10
  • Credited cast:
    Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd - Himself (archive footage)
    Bill Murray Bill Murray - Himself (archive footage)
    Richard Edlund Richard Edlund - Himself
    John Bruno John Bruno - Himself
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Neil Krepela Neil Krepela - Himself
    Virgil Mirano Virgil Mirano - Himself
    Michele Moen Michele Moen - Herself (as Michelle Moen)
    Thaine Morris Thaine Morris - Himself
    Bill Neil Bill Neil - Himself
    Mark Stetson Mark Stetson - Himself
    Annick Therrien Annick Therrien - Herself
    Terry Windell Terry Windell - Himself
    Matthew Yuricich Matthew Yuricich - Himself
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