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Short summary

The Salt Lake Ghostbusters' franchise hasn't seen a lot of business lately. That is until they receive a call from a local college about some strange sightings.

The building used for the majority of filming was also used for the premier. The screening took place in the room of the final 'bust'.

Incense was used to produce the smoke for the ghost traps. While Scott Silver held the smoking prop from the window of ECTO UT, it accidentally caught on fire to the actors' surprise. The flames were eventually put out before filming concluded.

The SLC Ghostbusters' headquarters (exterior) was originally meant to be filmed in Saint George, Utah. However, due to damages sustained in the area during Эскадрилья Лафайет (2006), the town requested extensive insurance costs which the crew could not afford. About a month later they discovered another spot in the much closer town of Eureka, Utah; it's old City Hall. One shot in the film's credits still reveals the 'City Hall' lettering on the building.

Anna Ellsworth (Lenora) had not been cast until nearly half of the filming was through. In fact, she can be seen as an extra amongst the college students during the start of the credits. She had one line that was cut from the final draft to keep audiences from noticing.

Cast overview:
Scott Silver Scott Silver - Marcus Silver
Weston Roberts Weston Roberts - Kevin 'Mavric' Mavricson
Jonathan Rudy Jonathan Rudy - Garin 'Sketch'
Anna Ellsworth Anna Ellsworth - Lenora
Ann McDougall Ann McDougall - Rebecca Sanders
Vairin Wall Vairin Wall - Tim Valderhorn
Cambria Varney Cambria Varney - Naomi Vixen
Lance Sessions Lance Sessions - Dean Winters
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