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Short summary

The gang of seven orphan children are reunited. They were former street strays and little thieves, but these buddies no longer stole. They did however continue to live under their own laws and inhabiting an abandoned house. Following closely was their curious neighbor, 'Chapana', A seller of candy and used magazines.

Credited cast:
Jorge Bernaola Jorge Bernaola - Cuño
Tamara Brown Tamara Brown - Doña Pocha
Herman Condori Herman Condori - Himself
Joel Ezeta Joel Ezeta - Beto
Ramón García Ramón García - Rumildo 'Chapana' Fernandez
Jorge Gutierrez Jorge Gutierrez - Coco
Robert Matamoros Robert Matamoros - Camote
Paulo Moreno Paulo Moreno - Piedrita
Martin Moscoso Martin Moscoso - Meliton
Jorge Quiñe Jorge Quiñe - Tv Producer
Manuel Romero Manuel Romero - Edgar 'Loco Triste'
Ramsay Ross Ramsay Ross - Saint Peter
Renato Rossini Renato Rossini - Archangel Gabriel
María del Pilar Sáenz María del Pilar Sáenz - Tatiana 'La Tata'
María Angélica Vega María Angélica Vega - Soap Opera Actress
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