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Napoleon (AKA Muffin) hears wild dogs howling from his Sydney home and wants to go out to the wild Australian wilderness to join the pack. He climbs into a basket attached to balloons and finds himself off on the adventure of a lifetime along with his new found friend Birdo the galah. On a long journey of self discovery and crazy adventures Napoleon finds himself in a multitude of situations leading him to find who he truly is.

Dame Edna voices a kangaroo.

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    • Author: Umdwyn
    I love this film! It has a connection with kids and adults and everyone in between. I just saw this again over the weekend on TV. I said to myself, "Okay, I'll watch the first ten minutes." Well, guess what? I saw the whole thing. I love it!

    This movie is kinda like BABE, well, not really. It lacks the CGI effects and all, but what it lacks in effects it is able to make up in story and the way it is shot. There are some great shots in this film, catchy songs, and a fun adventurous "road trip" feeling to the movie.

    And we actually CARE about NAPOLEON. I mean, I've seen a lot of films in my life, and very rarely do I care for the hero/heroine of the film. But in Napoleon, I wanted him to find what he was looking for, whether it was the wild dogs or his mother. Whatever he wanted to do, I supported.

    The songs are good, not great or memorable, but good and are kinda catchy. I wished they would have had more of an edge to them.

    There is also a sense of dread throughout the film -- Napoleon has wandered off into territory that he is unfamiliar with; can he make it through unscathed? Also, there are some terrifying scenes such as the beginning scenes in which Napoleon is in a basket with balloons, floating high above ground. These scenes might terrify younger viewers -- and what I mean by younger viewers is 2-years-old or younger. The intention is not the terrify, but to provide some suspense. These scenes will entertain and keep the general audience wanting to find out what happens.

    Overall, this was a very, very fun film to watch. There are many hooks in this film that keep you glued to your seat. Trust me, you'll want to watch this film from beginning to end. It's not a cheesy film at all. It seems to have been made with a genuine intent for entertainment. And if that was the intent, then consider it mission accomplished.
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    • Author: Gajurus
    It's not a bad movie at all. Humans today just don't have the attention span to watch a nice family film. It's a really good film for families, especially ones with younger kids ranging from 1 to, like, 6 or seven. I, personally, still like it, and I'm 15. Of course I'm used to it because I watched it when I was young. But just give it a chance. It's not stupid, it's not totally worthless. It's pretty good. It had enough humor to entertain younger kids, and a moral that's useful for all ages. It does have it's slow parts, but those are made up for the humor and songs. I think that if you liked Homeward Bound, then you'd like this movie.
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    • Author: Mozel
    This is one of the best movies of all times. My daughter is Autistic, and we watched it so many times. A movie for kids, and anyone that likes animals. Kinda left it to show maybe another movie, with the big black cat showing up in the end. Great movie, with lots of cuteness overload. Loved the start, the middle and the end. Kid friendly..Momma approved.Loved it
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    • Author: Stanober
    If you passed this film by at some video rental just because you thought it's a child one, you have made a very big mistake. "Napoleon" is something everybody can watch and enjoy. The protagonist is a (very pretty) dog and all through the movie we see much more animals than human beings. But it doesn't mean adults can't see this well done work. The story is about Napoleon (the dog I cited above) who by accident gets into a basket that is tied to some balloons. As he moves inside the thing, it is released from the ribbon that was keeping it on the ground and the basket flies away with the puppy as a passenger!!! Napoleon gets to the forest where he meets lots of crazy animals and tries to find the wild dogs, whom he had always dreamt about. The film is great, especially if you see it as a kind of symbol for real life people who try to leave the comfort of their houses in order to achieve something they have always wanted. Try to look at the dog and picture yourself or someone you know. The films works even better this way.
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    • Author: Runeshaper
    I just saw this movie on Fox and it is really stupid. I can't believe I even sat down to watch this thing. After about 30 minutes of it I felt like poking my eyes out!! The voice-over is really bad. If I was in the movie, I would be completely embarrassed. I guess it would be OK for a little kid under the age of 5. Nothing over that though. But now that I think about it, I don't think my 4 year old niece would even watch it. I don't think many people could sit long enough to watch this. I know that next time this stupid movie comes on, I will most definitely change the channel immediately. Whatever you do, don't waste your time with this movie! This movie is definitely not worth watching!
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