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At Big City Chefs, Beverly Hills' premiere private chef placement agency, the only question is who is crazier: the chefs or the clientele? This group of talented chefs is on call 24-7 to cater to the exceedingly over-the-top, wacky, ridiculous and sometimes truly bizarre culinary clientele living the high-life in LA's poshest neighborhood. Whether they're appeasing clients who demand haute cuisine be served to their labradoodles, or a bachelorette party where the chefs themselves may be part of the menu, you'll get a glimpse of the secret world of glamour and craziness where anything is possible. What could be a better recipe for disaster and excitement all at the same time?

Series cast summary:
Jesse Brune Jesse Brune - Chef Jesse 16 episodes, 2009-2010
Stuart O'Keeffe Stuart O'Keeffe - Himself 16 episodes, 2009-2010
Chef Brian Hill Chef Brian Hill - Himself - Chef Brian 15 episodes, 2009-2010
Sasha Perl-Raver Sasha Perl-Raver - Herself 14 episodes, 2010
Brooke Peterson Brooke Peterson - Chef Brooke 14 episodes, 2010
Manouschka Guerrier Manouschka Guerrier - Chef Manouschka 13 episodes, 2010
Samantha Martz Samantha Martz - Herself 7 episodes, 2009-2010
Tom Stieber Tom Stieber - Himself 7 episodes, 2009-2010
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