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When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money.
The lucky winner of the national lottery is Ned Devine, so taken by his good fortune that he now can't be waked, because he died from the shock of it! News of the win spread quickly in the scenic little Irish village of Tully More, but not the secret news of Ned's demise. With lottery officials closing in to confirm the prize claimed by the deceased Devine, Ned's closest friends scheme to keep the prize money close to home, in memory of Ned of course! But as the plot twists humorously, they learn it is hard is to keep such a secret in a small town.

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Writer/director Kirk Jones did not have time to cast the role of Father Mulligan before shooting began. On location, he asked gaffer Larry Randall if he would play the part. Randall agreed, and appears in the finished film.

Despite being set in Ireland the film was shot in the Isle of Man, which is a Crown Dependency of of the United Kingdom.

The original title of the script was Waking Ned Devine. However, distributors insisted on changing it to Waking Ned as they felt the shorter title was more user friendly. American distributors were the only ones to keep the 'Devine'.

A significant sleeper success, this earned over $50 million from a $3 million budget.

Originally developed as a 10-minute short.

All the cast and crew worked on reduced rates to help the film get made.

Shot over a period of five weeks.

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    • Author: The_NiGGa
    An afternoon tea on a warm summer day is still seen by some people as an enjoyable way to rid oneself of the tensions of the day and to allow oneself to slow down and feel at ease. Waking Ned is a sort of afternoon tea for cinemagoers. Nothing really bad happens. There are no really tense moments, or serious threats to life or liberty, for the mostly likeable but roguish characters. That's what makes the film so appealing!!

    There are maybe two characters that quickly lose the audiences sympathy and both get their comeuppance in different ways. One, a truly "nasty piece of work", is reminiscent of the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz ( the parallel should be readily evident to the viewer). This character meets her demise in the most hilarious manner possible for a likeable film such as this.

    On the whole Waking Ned is a refreshing film that is "Feel Good" all the way through without laying on thick layers of mush. No need for the hankies folks but there's plenty of room to toast the villagers' of Tully Moor!!
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    • Author: Alsardin
    This is one of my all-time favorite movies, complete with belly-laughs galore! I've always been a fan of off-beat, less-than-commercial stuff that doesn't rely upon the standard comedy formulas-- there's no run-of-the-mill, cheap stereotype stuff; they don't do repetitive physical humor that gets one laugh for every ten tries; and the shallow, vulgar humor to which so many of us Americans have become accustomed is nowhere to be found. Waking Ned Devine caught me from the get-go, with the opening scene with the lottery and apple tart being my all-time favorite in movie history. The wry, offbeat, and somewhat dark humor is good stuff in my book, though I guess (from the looks of a previous review) it's not quite for everyone. It's been a while since I last saw the movie, but I still remember the pigs, intestines, the mad dash on the moped, Ned's dentures, mexican crisps, and the sea-bound telephone booth like I watched it yesterday! Then there's the funeral service, the wake, and the beautiful closing scenes, all of which add some good, clean emotion to the humor. I think I'll watch it again very soon!
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    • Author: Qulcelat
    A quirky comedy that could just as easily have been a TV hit, and to some extent it has that kind of feel. Some fine performances from the cast especially the late Ian Bannen.

    Jackie O'Shea lives in a quiet little village, which is beset by the kind of gossip normal in such communities. When he finds that the lottery has been won by someone in the village, Jackie is obsessed by finding who the winner is. After a lengthy process of elimination, Jackie concludes that his friend Ned must be the winner.

    But noone has seen Ned for days, so Jackie pays him a visit only to find that Ned has died of shock in his armchair in front of the TV when the lottery results were announced.

    Realising that with no heir, Ned's winnings won't be paid out, Jackie persuades his friend Michael to impersonate Ned in order to claim the winnings, but things soon start to get very complicated as they attempt to keep up the facade.....

    Not a blockbuster nor a 'split your sides laughing' type comedy (though it has it's moments) but thoroughly enjoyable all the same.
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    • Author: jorik
    Only in Ireland! The backdrop of a small village in Ireland sets the stage for an interesting comedy about a winning lottery ticket and the dead guy it belongs to. Waking Ned Devine is about the waking up of a small village that has been fast asleep since the start. The side stories of love, friendship and greed do not fall short. They in fact add to the greatness of this comedy. A delight for the entire family, even the quick scenes of a 70 year old naked man on a motor cycle comes out to be nothing more than good clean fun. An original idea made into a terrific movie. An enjoyable story with wonderful and like-able characters. A hit!
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    • Author: Gogul
    I loved this film as has everyone in my family! Rarely does a film have such charm, humor, sense of place and wonderful ensemble performances. The spirit of Waking Ned Divine is at once uniquely Irish as it is universal. The joy of entering in to a community that is as insular as we imagine a small remote village to be and has the values of trust and loyalty to each other is completely heart-warming, and those one wishes everyone lived. Each character creates a memorable part of a thoroughly satisfying whole. Waking Ned Divine will be playing forever, but the sooner you see it the more enriched the rest of your life will be. My family and I love sharing art at its' highest level with all those who love and appreciate the same.
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    • Author: Ramsey`s
    "Waking Ned Devine" is a perfect state of mind. The entire movie, which I've watched many, many times is more perfect each time I watch it. Everything about it; the cast, the music, the scenery; all matches perfectly throughout. Anyone who had anything to do with this production should be delighted with the thought that it is perfect!! Well done - Well done - Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, my profound thanks to all for making this production - watching it keeps me feeling good about life.

    All the best to everyone involved in the making of this "feel good" production.
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    • Author: Castiel
    In an Irish village, a National Lottery winner dies of the shock of winning and the villagers launch a scheme to defraud the money by having one of them impersonate the dead man...

    A charming comedy that is very much in the style of the older British comedies and all the better for it. It is good that the film was made in the 1990's rather than in the 1950's because censorship rules of that time would of meant that they would of had to of been be caught for their crime and that would of marred the film considerably. This was sadly the case in THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, a comedy heist film about a group of retired army officers pulling off a raid, a lighter ending would of made that film a classic, but in those days, they couldn't make a film about crime that paid.

    Ian Bannen and David Kelly are superb as the two OAP's who lead the scheme. This is one of my favourite films of 1999 and this had more charm and wit than NOTTING HILL. Unmissable!

    The film is set in Ireland but was actually shot on the Isle Of Man.
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    • Author: Jack
    I simply love this movie. Every time we have guests staying overnight or for a few days, I always drag this movie out. It has never hit mainstream America. Too bad! It's funny and it's touching...the two necessary elements to make a memorable movie. You would have to be angry cynic not to love it. The music is superb as well. The character Michael O'Sullivan reminds me of the father of one my best friends growing up. The scene where Michael and Jackie come to prepare Ned Devine is as hilarious as the funeral scene is sweet when Jackie eulogizes his friend Michael O'Sullivan, who is sitting in the front row of the church. Only then do you grasp how these two have been friends since childhood.
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    • Author: blodrayne
    My wife purchased this movie for me, but I let it sit on my DVD library shelf for over a year before I watched it. I felt very sad that I took so long to watch it because it is now on my favorite movie list. I own over 500 DVD's and this is one that is my all time top 25. The acting was well presented to the viewer and very realistic. I agree that this is a sleeper movie that you just do not hear off, but after you watch it you will highly recommend it to others. I believe that we have all felt the emotions that were displayed in "Waking Ned Divine". The director has set it up for the movie watcher to meld into the lead character, who hasn't always wanted to win the LOTTO and share it with our friends. I just love how his wife turns out to be his moral subconscious, she brings a smile to my face because it is so truthful. Others have already said it, but this is a feel good movie that brings our everyday dull and grinding lives back into the sunshine.
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    • Author: Gralinda
    Good British film comedies are rare these days, but every now and then someone manages to come up with a cracker. Ten years ago, 'Waking Ned', written and directed by Kirk Jones, was just such a movie.

    Set in the town of Tullymore ( population: 52 ) on the coast of Ireland, it concerns two old friends, Jackie O'Shea ( Ian Bannen ) and Michael O'Sullivan ( David Kelly ) who, on discovering that a local person has scooped a colossal fortune on the Lottery, set about trying to discover the identity of the winner. Suspicion even falls on Jackie himself at one point.

    The lucky man is one Ned Devine. Visiting him at his cottage, Jackie finds him dead in front of his television, having succumbed to a heart attack as the result of shock brought on by his win. Ned had written his name on the back of the ticket. Not wishing to see the money go unclaimed ( it was a Rollover week ), Jackie persuades Michael to try and pass himself off as Ned. But will the man from the Lottery be fooled?

    Its a simple idea, yet written and performed to perfection. The cast are marvellous, particularly the late Scottish actor Ian Bannen as 'Jackie'. He gets the Irish accent to a tee and he and David Kelly make a great comic team. Kelly is probably best remembered for his role ( which never did him justice in my view ) as 'Albert Riddle' in the long-running I.T.V. sitcom 'Robin's Nest'. James Nesbitt crops up as the pig farmer 'Pig Finn', unhappy because the lovely Maggie won't let him near her on account of the fact he stinks of pigs.

    The humour is natural, not forced as with a lot of other comedies. If the idea of a close-knit community where everyone knows each other's business and gets on well with neighbours seems far-fetched, take it from me - such places exist. I lived in Ireland for a time, and the film's depiction of the country and its people is accurate.

    There are many moments of laugh-out loud comedy to relish, such as the sight of Michael riding his motorbike in the nude, and Michael finding a chicken leg on Ned's floor and mistaking it for his intestines ( or 'intest-ines' as he calls them ). The ending will warm even the coldest heart. But my favourite bit is Jackie attempting to close the late Ned's mouth and causing his false teeth to fly out!

    'Father Ted' was funny, but so is this, and its much nearer to reality. A real treat!
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    • Author: Mananara
    Though no one's at fault, I still feel sorry for those whose 'American ear' causes them to miss so much of these Irish/Scottish/English movies. This movie's on a par with or better than Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and other comedies with English/Irish (or Cockney) accents. Waking Ned Devine is just priceless: hardly what our Oklahoma friend thought. The cast is perfect; the plot superb. And yes, it is Ned's baby: if you tune your ear to the dialect you'll hear Annie say he always treated her gently and with love. So, those who didn't get it the first time, watch it again. I know you'll THEN watch it again. And again. It's that good! Thanks.
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    • Author: Umrdana
    This is a beautiful little film, touching on the universal themes of friendship, and the corrupting power of money and greed. It was a sleeper back when it was released, but got very good word of mouth. Sure it's sentimental and plays somewhat on stereotypes (I'm assuming, as I've never actually spent any time in a small Irish village), but the cast includes many great Irish and British character actors (especially the late Ian Bannen), and it's funny, well directed, beautifully shot, joyous and ultimately life-affirming. I've seen it with several friends, and they all dug it. The music is also very enjoyable, especially the last song, "The Parting Glass".
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    • Author: Levaq
    Fionnula Flanagan, Ian Bannen and David Kelly, are just a few of an excellent cast in this tale about an Irish Lotto-winner, who is unable to collect.

    Never have I seen a lovelier yarn, and, I tell ye', I've seen a few! Jackie O'Shea (Ian Bannen) figures out that one of the inhabitants in the local hamlet must have won the latest Lotto draw, and does he best to find out who, by every mean possible, and eventually finds out who.

    I don't want to spoil it, but it sure is a lovely story! Very close to a masterpiece, and it gets better each time I see it!

    Yours, Tord
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    • Author: HyderCraft
    This is a tremendously funny movie - and it is heartbreaking to realize that Ian Bannen died so soon after it was released. The plot is certainly clever enough, but the performances make the material much better than it is. David Kelly, one of Britain's greatest talents (who is probably the most under-weight actor to ever hit the screen!) is as comically appealing as Don Knotts and the motorcycle sequence is a hoot. This is the most crucial part of the story and he pulls it off magnificently. The music propels the movie to new heights, as does the candid photography. The dramatic final sequence that leads to the demise of Lizzie Quinn (played to perfection by Eileen Dromey) has got to be among the few, if not THE best examples of poetic justice in all of film. I guess if there is any real weakness to the picture as a whole, it would be the possibility that the truth about Ned Devine might eventually come out....but it doesn't take away from an otherwise splendid, and touching, story. The villagers of small-town Tullymore get quite a boost - and they deserved it richly. One keen subplot that keeps things moving is the interaction between the young boy and the visiting priest - some of their exchanges are as comical as the bulk of the movie (Bannen and Kelly). Highly recommended for any viewer of any age.
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    • Author: Nalmetus
    This is a cute slice of life film made about a small poor Irish town (though the movie was actually made on the Island of Man). It seems that one of their residents, Ned Devine, had just won the lottery and everyone was excited about the news. However, when they went to Ned's home to congratulate him, they found the old guy had died. They realize that the money will just go to some other person, but the town's people have already thought of so many possible ways the money could benefit them that they just CAN'T let this happen. So they decide to pretend Ned is alive and then divide up the money amongst themselves once the prize committee gives them the money. So, the film mostly consists of watching these people going to extraordinary lengths to collect the money.

    The film involves a lot of small-time actors and local color and is crafted so well that you are taken in by its charm. A very similar movie is the French language film SEDUCING DR. LEWIS, about a tiny town in the middle of nowhere trying to convince a young doctor to stay by going to extraordinary and rather larcenous means. WAKING NED was made several years earlier and is the better film, but both would make excellent viewing to anyone looking for excellent writing and a quirky comedy.
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    • Author: DABY
    What can I say about this film. The darkness of its premise, the richness of its characters, the utter beauty of its theme. The cast are incredible, especially Ian Bannen as Jackie, and David Kelly as Michael. Micheal's motorcycle ride to Ned's house has to be one of the funniest bits ever to grace the screen. The premise of found riches and ill gotten gains is a rich reward for all viewers. The countryside of the Isle of Mann, where it was filmed, is not a poor substitute for the Irish coast, but in many ways reminds one of the Galway area or the land around the Ring of Kerry. The Irish sensibility and sense of humor lie, in many stories around death. The funeral speech that Jackie delivers is one of the great scenes of this film. And the clever way of solving the problem of Lizzie Quinn, the ultimate protagonist, makes this one of my favorite all time films. PS, the music is great also.
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    • Author: in waiting
    We believe that Waking Ned Devine is the single most under-appreciated movie made in the past decade. Ned Devine is a superb, feel-good movie that uplifts the spirit.

    The photography is outstanding and only approached by two other notable film epics: Fiddler on The Roof, and Doctor Zhivago. Each scene in the film is masterfully composed and deserving of a frame unto itself. The acting by each character is without flaw and the execution and timing is perfect. The facial expressions presented by each character are completely natural to the setting of each scene.

    Ned Devine should have been given the Academy Award and it is a travesty that it was not even mentioned. We suspect that this was due to it's total lack of pyrotechnics, lurid sex scenes and general blood and gore.

    A Ned Devine fan club should be formed and it deserves a web site of it's own.
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    • Author: Swiang
    this movie is one of my favorites because of its subtle Irish humor and great plot. the actors/actresses all did a great job, especially Ian Bannen, David Kelly and Fionnula Flanagan. the plot itself got my attention immediately when I saw the opening scene. That is one of the best parts of the movie. I don't think this movie got the press it deserved, but hopefully more and more people will watch it. i laugh every time i see this movie, and it is definitely not geared toward any age group. i'm only a teenager, but my younger sister loves it, and all of my family does too (everyone from cousins to grandparents). i hope that by word of mouth, this movie will get the attention and number of viewers it should.
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    • Author: Makaitist
    "Waking Ned" by Kirk Jones. The film is set in the quite village of Tullymore in Ireland. This charming and refreshing film

    gets better after each viewing.The two main roles are played by the superb David Kelly(O' Reilly in Fawlty Towers) and the late Ian Bannen. Both actors played the roles with the unique humour that is only found in Ireland. The film is about an elderly gentleman who dies clutching his winning lottery ticket which he had signed on the reverse as Ned Kelly. This ensures that only Ned Kelly can claim the lottery millions and the whole village consort to deceive the Lottery Panel that Ned Kelly is alive and kicking. The twists and turns of the film are hilarious and the film makes really good family viewing. Shaun Davey provides the foot-tapping soundtrack that works wonderfully with the scenic surroundings (shot in the Isle Of Man). Coming from an irish family I identify with the joyous and comical characters found in the irish community and enjoy the cleverly written script. The film is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and I can assure you that you will enjoy every minute. Enjoy!
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    • Author: Zyangup
    I love this movie. I thought the acting was brilliant and this is probably the first foreign film with good acting. Also this mivie was quite a tear jerker. I don't know if it had that effect on other people. It was like a offbeat less complicated heist movie involving two wiley old irish men. Like a less complicated version of Snatch or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I loved David Kelly in this movie. He was the "wiliest old koot". He was so goofy and I love those type of characters. Its a perfect film for all audiences alike. Its totally appropriate. It had me laughing and crying. I hope it has the absolute same effect on you. ***** out of *****.
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    • Author: Cointrius
    In a word, Waking Ned Devine is delightful. It brings to mind similar small-town comedies like Cold Turkey (1971) The Full Monty (1997) and more recently The Amateurs (2005) only with a decidedly more Irish sense of humor. The film opens with the elderly Jackie (Bannen) and wife Annie (Flanagan) watching the lottery on TV. Jackie has been playing for years and isn't the least bit surprised he's not a winner. The next day there are rumors about town that someone in the village had indeed won big and in an attempt to ferret them out, everyone starts playing nice. Among the suspected winners is Pig Finn (Nesbitt) a poor farmer with a crush on local beauty Maggie (Lynch). After a while Jackie finds out the winner was elderly fisherman Ned Devine (Keogh) who died from the shock of it.

    From that point on the movie remodels into a bit of a caper in the style of Whisky Galore (1949). Jackie and his friend Michael O'Sullivan (Kelly) decide it's best to claim the money for themselves (it's what Ned would have wanted), and attempt to defraud the lottery to the dismay of the sensible Maggie who just as soon not see her husband in jail. They come up with a plan which all turns in on itself when the Lotto Observer comes to the sleepy town of Tullymore making inquiries.

    The film's state of mind is one of serene goofiness. We laugh but not in the same way you would an overly broad piece of American slapstick. We're laughing with the eccentric townsfolk not at them. It's a little story about little people doing things of such importance to them, that you as the audience can't help but invest in their happiness. It helps that the entire film takes place in Ireland (though really on The Isle of Man). The stunning greenly beauty of the island helps put these characters into perspective. Every small village home and tiny store seems to melt into the rolling hills, rocky cliffs and leafy wood. There's almost a sense of nobility in how these people live and the relationships that they have formed with one another.

    Everyone in the community of Tullymore does a fine job as an ensemble though if one were to point at a stand out it would be David Kelly who approaches the entire situation with elderly naivety. "Michael's never lied a day in his life," Annie says without intent to compliment. And indeed Kelly doesn't wear dishonesty well. He fidgets under scrutiny and can only be properly convincing as Ned Devine's double after a few drinks. Yet there's a deeper truth to what the character tries to do and when he finally comes to terms with the true meaning of the lottery and how much good the money can do, he goes along with the ruse. Also worth mentioning is Maura O'Malley as the town misanthrope Mrs. Kennedy. She drives her scooter across town with the wicked determinism of Margaret Hamilton on a broom.

    Waking Ned Devine is a spirited slice-of-life comedy that amuses with the power and quirk of the ensemble. It features some stunning images of Isle of Man which automatically put the small island on my already lengthy must-see list. Finally, it exhibits some excellently sharp directing and screen writing on the part of Kirk Jones. With a deft mix of black comedy and quaint small-town Provincialism, Jones and the entire crew behind this film know a small story can yield big heart and hearty laughs.
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    • Author: Anarus
    This is a wonderful movie which captures village life in Ireland brilliantly.The antics of the 2 main characters is hilarious and captured their life long friendship and affection .Love,Greed,Loss and Decency are all covered in a story of village folk trying to hoodwink the Irish Lottery when one of their neighbor's dies of shock when the lottery numbers are announced on TV winning millions,but the prize is destined to go back to the Government as the winner,Ned Devine was a single man with no family to claim the prize.So the race is on to Ressurrect Ned once more!...There are a few familiar faces in the cast and sadly Ian Bannen died in a car accident soon after...Enjoy the wont be disappointed!!
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    • Author: huckman
    An old fashioned nice and gentle comedy. No sex, no violence, no swearing but lots of laughs. The basic premise is that Ian Bannen & David Kelly's characters know someone in the village has won the lottery jackpot. From the 50 people in the village they weedle out 30 or so who have bought the tickets to discover it's Ned Divine. Unfortunately Ned has died through shock at the exact time of the win but he's written his name on the back of the ticket to identify it as his. The plot to collect the money in Neds name unfolds from here (no more clues to the plot from me). Well acted by Ian Bannen and David Kelly is always a joy to watch. Ably assisted by a good supporting cast. Over ten years since it's initial release I watched this again recently and enjoyed it just as much. Filmed entirely in the Isle of Man, predominantly in Cregneash village - where you are free to walk around & photograph (a modest admission is charged to enter the buildings). Ned's house is one of the main features at Niarbyl, a beauty spot on the west coast 5/6 miles south of Peel.
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    • Author: Anyshoun
    You can't get a better setting than the Celtic highlands, and likewise, the native actors will make you feel like the characters are real. This is more than just a feel good movie, it is a feast of emotions, dreams and the joy of life. The late Ian Bannon is outstanding as Jackie O'Shea, the leader of a fantasy which he manages to hopefully turn into reality. His friend Ned is in fact the bearer of very positive remarks about a chicken dinner that Jackie has cooked and delivered, and in his praise, Ned takes Jackie into the light. With the help of his lifelong best friend, Michael O'Sullivan, played wonderfully by David Kelly, the adventure from fantasy and a strong desire for hope become a classic story worth adding to anyone's movie collection.
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    • Author: Perongafa
    SPOILER: In the small, isolated town of Tullymore on the Irish coast, Ned Devine has just won the a big jackpot of the Irish lottery: $12.24 million, in U.S. dollars. Ned can't spend a farthing of it, though, because the excitement of winning the prize was too much for him. Ah well, at least old Ned died smiling.

    The whole town of 52 knows that the winning number was sold in Tullymore, and finally, Michael O'Shea figures out, by process of elimination (and many chicken dinners at his house) who won it. Upon discovering Ned's sad state, O'Shea decides that if Ned can't enjoy the winnings, then maybe he can. Things get delightfully complicated quickly, and O'Shea has to enlist the rest of Tullymore in his scheme. The whole scam is cheerfully giddy, by turns nerve-wracking, funny, and touching.

    The acting was nuanced enough, the characters sympathetic enough, and the web of deception spun slowly enough that I never condemned any of the con gang for trying to defraud the government. In fact, it was a lot of fun to see O'Shea and his buddies, simple men all (but not stupid), wrack their brains, then get increasingly (and uncomfortably) duplicitous in pursuit of the treasure. I found myself wondering what I'd do in their shoes. I might have just joined in and kept my $238,000 share.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Ian Bannen Ian Bannen - Jackie O'Shea
    David Kelly David Kelly - Michael O'Sullivan
    Fionnula Flanagan Fionnula Flanagan - Annie O'Shea
    Susan Lynch Susan Lynch - Maggie O'Toole
    James Nesbitt James Nesbitt - Pig Finn
    Paul Vaughan Paul Vaughan - Narrator (voice)
    Adrian Robinson Adrian Robinson - Lotto Observer
    Maura O'Malley Maura O'Malley - Mrs. Kennedy
    Robert Hickey Robert Hickey - Maurice O'Toole
    Paddy Ward Paddy Ward - Brendy O'Toole
    James Ryland James Ryland - Dennis Fitzgerald
    Fintan McKeown Fintan McKeown - Pat Mulligan
    Eileen Dromey Eileen Dromey - Lizzy Quinn
    Kitty Fitzgerald Kitty Fitzgerald - Kitty
    Dermot Kerrigan Dermot Kerrigan - Father Patrick
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