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A crippled girl marries a fisherman, who also has eyes for the town flirt.
Steve Hardester, a handsome young fisherman, is infatuated with Cora, the village flirt. She, though really caring for him, must indulge her inclination to coquetry, laughingly flinging love back into his face, often making him the target of derision. Our story opens on the day of the Fair in the little fishing village. Bertha, a poor cripple, with a slightly deformed figure, but a pure sweet face, being too frail to undergo the toil of the fisher girl, ekes a livelihood selling flowers to the gallant fisher boys with which to deck their sweetheart's tresses. On this day Bertha starts out long before daybreak to gather the dewy blossoms and form them into nosegays for sale to the young swains before the opening of the Fair. This done long before the dawn, she reclines on the beach and dozes off through sheer fatigue and sleeps until the morning sun awakens her. Going through the village she meets Steve as he is about to enter his cottage. Offering her bouquets, he purchases one to ...

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    • Author: Vispel
    A love story told of the fisher folks in a picturesque village near the sea. It is the tale of a love that is born of coquetry and the love that is born of a true heart, and clearly points out the difference between them. The coquette loses, though there are lapses on the part of the man that almost break the heart of his wife. The ending of the story is pleasant, showing the little family united and free from the machinations of the flirt. It is one of those domestic stories, filled with dramatic interest, because it depicts what actually occurs in human hearts. The setting is picturesque and affords numerous glimpses of an interesting fishing village. - The Moving Picture World, March 4, 1911
  • Credited cast:
    Wilfred Lucas Wilfred Lucas - Steve Hardester
    Linda Arvidson Linda Arvidson - Bertha
    Vivian Prescott Vivian Prescott - Cora
    Verner Clarges Verner Clarges - The Minister
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    William J. Butler William J. Butler - Fisherman
    Edward Dillon Edward Dillon - At Fair
    John T. Dillon John T. Dillon - At Fair (as Jack Dillon)
    Joseph Graybill Joseph Graybill - At Fair
    Jeanie Macpherson Jeanie Macpherson - At Wedding
    Claire McDowell Claire McDowell - At Fair
    W. Chrystie Miller W. Chrystie Miller - At Wedding
    Alfred Paget Alfred Paget - At Wedding / At Fair
    W.C. Robinson W.C. Robinson - At Wedding / At Fair
    Mack Sennett Mack Sennett - At Fair
    Kate Toncray Kate Toncray - On Beach
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