» » Allegra's Window Don't Touch My Stuff! (1994–1998)

Short summary

Allegra accidentally damages her brother's new prized toy, after being warned not to touch it. Rondo is so upset with her, he pretends she has become invisible, and Allegra fears he will stop being her brother! Both of them learn "brothers and sisters are forever". Not only can toys be repaired--so can hurt feelings.

Episode credited cast:
Pam Arciero Pam Arciero - Lindi / Sonata (voice)
Anthony Asbury Anthony Asbury - Rondo (voice)
Harry Burney Harry Burney - Ellington
Andrea Frierson Andrea Frierson - Ms. Melody
Tim Lagasse Tim Lagasse - Mr. Cook (voice) (as Timothy Lagasse)
Tessa Ludwick Tessa Ludwick - Tessa
Kathryn Mullen Kathryn Mullen - Allegra (voice)
Martin P. Robinson Martin P. Robinson - Riff / Clef (voice)
Bob Stillman Bob Stillman - Reed
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