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Brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy bring their hit podcast "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" to TV, answering user-submitted questions with the help of their dad, the city mayor, and their hometown of Huntington, WV.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Episode 6) is actually a longtime fan and friend of the McElroy three, consistently making sly reference to their work and appearing on episode 193 of the podcast which this show is based off of.

Most of the show was improvised with each twenty minute episode being made from hours of footage

Based on the podcast of the same name, which has been running since 2010.

A phenomena associated with the brothers leaves one saying "I'm horny for this one".

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    • Author: TheSuspect
    Follow three brothers on their quest to find answers to user submitted questions and somehow get in trouble in the process.

    You'll laugh, cry, cry some more and eventually get mad at Travis with the other brothers.

    (not that far into the show, just assuming at one point lol)

    Their podcast is one of the funniest shows and I am so grateful to have come across it, to be ale to watch them interact an go on adventures together is magical.

    I was originally just going to add FUNNY and submit this review, but this TV show makes me genuinely happy, so there it is.

    Lighthearted humor - think the office meets Arrested Development except with more cursing and... well, better.

    It's a fantastic show, I love it! and love you too brothers. Make more, boys!

    Spoiler: Justin is the cutest.

    The Pilot is on YouTube if you'd like to get an idea of what this show is all about.
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    • Author: Kamick
    Coming from a listener of The Adventure Zone -- but no prior experience with My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBAM) -- the show was a joy to watch with a rare fun energy that emanated from the McElroys.

    The quality of the show production-wise isn't anything special for an internet show. Any effects done are relatively simple, but this is a minor gripe since the show's focus is on the writing (more like improvisation) with the brothers. Most of the shots are done from what seemed to be three or four different cameras, so it was much like a sitcom in cinematography, though it keeps the show feeling loose. In multiple instances, viewers can see cameras moving to affix to someone such as Griffin for a joke, or as one of the brothers move to make one. It's a nice feeling and keeps the show feeling grounded and real.

    The McElroys' bring such a fun energy. There was never an episode where I didn't at least chuckle -- and only the last episode didn't have me break down nearly in tears laughing, mainly because it wanted to make me cry instead (which it achieved). The comedy kept me coming back. It was an amazing blend of vulgar, but plain silly humor that I enjoy so much. It kept me engaged in The Adventure Zone and it kept me binge- watching the series today.

    I can't wait for more seasons. If there was more material to critique, my rating would have probably been higher rather than lower.
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    • Author: Zinnthi
    Three brothers take their hometown and the questions of their fans by storm in a hilarious and adorable journey to answer life's greatest questions. Fans of the hit podcast by the same name will certainly enjoy "My Brother, My Brother and Me" the Seeso original television show very much.
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    • Author: Mash
    I just bought this on Amazon and power watched it. I only learned of the brothers three about 4 months ago. I powered through and am current on The Adventure Zone and am on Episode 50 of MBMBAM on Maxfun. I have seen some youtubes as well like the Garfield Monstrosity and Glass Shark but haven't gotten to these episodes of the podcast yet. These three are geniuses. Comedic geniuses. Almost always HILARIOUS! And even when a joke is only moderately funny...Justin or Griffin cracking up laughing just makes you laugh too. Definitely recommend this to anyone. You'll be on the floor laughing. I particularly love when they call they Knights Templar. But remember, this show isn't for children. I only say that to let all the babies listening know how cool they are. What's up you cool babies? And...KISS YOUR DAD SQUARE ON THE LIPS.
  • Series cast summary:
    Clint McElroy Clint McElroy - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
    Griffin McElroy Griffin McElroy - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
    Justin McElroy Justin McElroy - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
    Travis McElroy Travis McElroy - Himself 6 episodes, 2017
    Steve Williams Steve Williams - Himself - Mayor 5 episodes, 2017
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