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Fascination (1931) watch online HD

Fascination (1931) watch online HD
  • Original title:Fascination
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:1931
  • Director:Miles Mander
  • Actors:Madeleine Carroll,Carl Harbord,Dorothy Bartlam
  • Writer:Eliot Crawshay-Williams,Victor Kendall
  • Duration:1h 10min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

A vampish actress comes between a happily married couple.

User reviews

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    • Author: Anen
    Probably an incomplete copy with bad sound, but that's all that exists of this melodrama about an actress who takes up with a married man only to give him up after she meets the sad wife.

    Madeleine Carroll plays Gwenda Farrell, a selfish and bored actress who chases after an architect (Carl Harbord) for no good reason at all. She's totally self-absorbed despite the advice of gal pal Kay (Kay Hammond from BLITHE SPIRIT) who's stuck with a milquetoast called Bertie.

    The film is barely over an hour, and it seems some material has been lost, judging from several jerky transitions. Bad sound, beyond restoration, and a general droning sound blot out some dialog. But the story is clear enough.

    Carroll is beautiful and has some great scenes where she is beautifully lit. Harbord is a dull drone, but Hammond does better as the brainless friend. Dorothy Bartlam is the pretty-but-dull wife. Roland Culver has a brief scene as a rejected lover. Freddie Bartholomew plays one of the kids in the opening, and Merle Oberon shows up at about the 45-minute mark as a flower seller (her mother is Spanish) in a nightclub.

    Harbord is, amazingly, only 23 years old here. He looks 40. Worth a look for an early starring role for lovely Madeleine Carroll.
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    • Author: Maman
    This film has been restored by the BIG with the aid of a National Lottery Grant.What has made this quite difficult is that there was only one extant print and that was well worn from its use as a release print.They have been able to do a good job of the picture.However it is clear that the soundtrack was a major problem as it is quite indistinct in places.So they have decided to subtitle the whole film.The content of the film is unremarkable but it is notable for the assured performance of Madelaine Carroll,who was already an experienced actress.She appeared in 7 films in 1930.Little surprise that she and flower seller Merle Oberon went on to be Hollywood stars.
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    • Author: Vivados
    Interesting that the two players who hold viewer's attention are Dorothy Bartlam and the delightful Kay Hammond as Kay, a straight shooting cockney chorus girl who by telling it like it is, really propels the narrative. Dorothy Bartlam soon faded unfortunately and Kay had to wait until she wowed audiences in "Blithe Spirit" in 1945.

    By the time Madeleine Carroll makes her appearance as the petulant Gwenda, Bartlam as Vera has been able to establish rapport with the audience as the devoted wife and in a very sweet opening scene (with an adorable Freddie Bartholomew pretending to be a minister), it shows that she and Larry have been childhood sweethearts. Enter the alluring Gwenda, a self centred actress who is just coming down from an affair with rake Ronnie (a young Roland Culver) - she finds herself interested in Larry (a very boring Carl Harbord) and he is all too easily persuaded into an affair. She knows he is married but doesn't care and selfishly feels she deserves some happiness - even though Kay has no sympathy with her. It's hard to have sympathy with Larry either, due to Harbord's rather wooden acting and the ending shows Vera commanding centre stage. Things come to a head when a romantic letter meant only for Larry is accidentally seen by Vera. She doesn't reveal she has seen it but sets up a meeting with Gwenda who actually thinks she is going on a rendevous with Larry. Vera reveals herself as a caring wife who is willing to sacrifice her own happiness so that Larry will be content and things can stay as they are. Gwenda realises her self centredness and the ending finds her struggling to put on a glad face as she prepared for her stage appearance!!

    Merle Oberon appears in a bit part as a flower seller in a night club.
  • Cast overview:
    Madeleine Carroll Madeleine Carroll - Gwenda Farrell
    Carl Harbord Carl Harbord - Larry Maitland
    Dorothy Bartlam Dorothy Bartlam - Vera Maitland
    Kay Hammond Kay Hammond - Kay
    Kenneth Kove Kenneth Kove - Bertie
    Louis Goodrich Louis Goodrich - Colonel Farrington
    Roland Culver Roland Culver - Ronnie
    Freddie Bartholomew Freddie Bartholomew - Child
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