» » Hidden Shadow (2017)

Short summary

Sarah and Nick, two sly criminals, whom do not know each other get an assignment from a mysterious client. Completely anonymous they meet without knowing what to do or who to follow. A series of events leads them to a drug lord which they have to destroy. After the take down, the two criminals meet their mysterious client 'Shadow' and do not wish to be associated with him. But after Shadow informs them about an atrocity, they are willing to intervene.

Cast overview:
Anissa Poelman Anissa Poelman - Sarah
Glenn Degrendele Glenn Degrendele - Nick
Dirk Mareel Dirk Mareel - Vincent
Tijs Callebert Tijs Callebert - Arne
Steven Jacobs Steven Jacobs - John
Patrick Lambrey Patrick Lambrey - Ronny
Thierry Olievier Thierry Olievier - Mike
Eddy Van de Putte Eddy Van de Putte - Shadow
Koen Vandersteene Koen Vandersteene - Cop 2
Fanny Decock Fanny Decock - Cop 1
Tim Mathys Tim Mathys - Cliff
Ringo Depraetere Ringo Depraetere - Henchman 2
Emile Goeminne Emile Goeminne - Henchman 3 (as Emiel Goeminne)
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