» » Pocket Dragon Adventures Shadow of a Bout (1998– )

Short summary

While playing with shadow puppets one night, the Pocket Dragons are startled to encounter the shadow of the sorcerer Shmahz in the castle. But Shmahz isn't there it's just his shadow, which has gotten tired of Shmahz's nastiness, and wants the Pocket Dragons to help it escape to the Shadowcombs, a deep, dark cave in the Mysterious Land where Shmahz will never find it. Of course, Shmahz isn't far behind, and to scare Shmahz away so the shadow can live in peace, the Pocket Dragons must stage the ultimate shadow puppet show.

Episode credited cast:
Long John Baldry Long John Baldry - Additional Voices (voice)
Jay Brazeau Jay Brazeau - Additional Voices (voice)
Don Brown Don Brown - Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Gaze Christopher Gaze - Wizard (voice)
Saffron Henderson Saffron Henderson - Princess Betty Bye Bell (voice)
Terry Klassen Terry Klassen - Additional Voices (voice)
Jesse Moss Jesse Moss - Additional Voices (voice)
Richard Newman Richard Newman - Additional Voices (voice)
Mark Oliver Mark Oliver - Additional Voices (voice)
Doug Parker Doug Parker - Additional Voices (voice)
Bill Reiter Bill Reiter - Additional Voices (voice)
Russell Roberts Russell Roberts - Additional Voices (voice)
French Tickner French Tickner - Additional Voices (voice)
Lee Tockar Lee Tockar - Various
Dave 'Squatch' Ward Dave 'Squatch' Ward - Additional Voices (voice)
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