» » Sons of the North Woods (1912)

Short summary

Babtiste, a woodsman, kisses his sweetheart Janie goodbye, and starts north on a trading trip. At about the same time Hank Peters, a drunken trader from the north settlement, starts south with a good supply of liquor. He carries with him a note to Janie MacKisson (whom he has never met), from the proprietor of the northern trading post. He indulges quite freely in the whiskey and its influence is marked when he meets Babtiste coming north. The drunken braggart tells Babtiste that he is going south to make love to Janie. Babtiste tries to stop him but Hank starts on his way south. Babtiste considers the proposition for a moment, then turns his own dogs south again. In the meantime Janie's father discovers an Indian trapper in the nearby woods suffering from a broken leg. He brings the Indian to his shack and with Janie's aid doctors the broken limb. Babtiste and Hank are now engaged in an exciting race over the snow trail to see who will reach the MacKisson cabin first. Babtiste's dogs...

Cast overview:
Charles Clary Charles Clary - Baptiste Doray
Lester Cuneo Lester Cuneo - Hank Peters
Frank Weed Frank Weed - Indian Jim
Kathlyn Williams Kathlyn Williams - Janie MacKisson
William Stowell William Stowell - Rob MacKisson
Thomas Persons Thomas Persons - Jack Williams
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