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Woody is hungry because all the restaurants are closed; and when he sees a place that stuffs birds, he goes there - only to learn he's gone to a taxidermist.
Woody Woodpecker goes out to dine and accidentally stumbles into a taxidermist's shop, thinking it is a restaurant. The taxidermist, wanting a woodpecker to stuff, doesn't inform Woody otherwise, and drugs the 'meal' he serves Woody. But, before he can stuff Woody, he comes to and knocks the literal stuffing out of the taxidermist.

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    • Author: Adrielmeena
    Was very fond of Woody Woodpecker and his cartoons as a child. Still get much enjoyment out of them now as a young adult, even if there are more interesting in personality cartoon characters and better overall cartoons.

    That is in no way knocking Woody, because many of his cartoons are a lot of fun to watch and more and also still like him a lot as a character. As far as the Woody Woodpecker cartoons go, there are better, such as 'Ski for Two', 'Woody Woodpecker' and 'The Barber of Seville' but 'Woody Dines Out' is very good still. Plus, while the Woody Woodpecker cartoons pre-Wally had a different design for Woody and were still evolving his personality, here he is closer to the Woody Woodpecker we're familiar with and his personality seems more fully formed.

    'Woody Dines Out' is slight and predictable somewhat, and while the gags are still very good there are Woody Woodpecker cartoons where they are hilarious.

    Perhaps there are characters with more interesting personalities, but Woody is still at his best incredibly funny, never obnoxious and very lovable self. 'Woody Dines Out' also sees us root for him and feel sorry for him when his situation gets more desperate.

    As ever, the animation is great. Woody's character design and physicality have changed/evolved for the better. Even more impressive are the rich and vibrant colours, the meticulously detailed backgrounds and the quite smooth drawing.

    Can't praise the music enough either, characterful energy, dynamic, action enhancing and lushly orchestrated.

    It's all nicely scripted, and the gags are fun and well timed if not quite hilarious.

    The voice acting is solid, with Hans Conried standing out as the taxidermist, Overall, not quite great but very good. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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    • Author: Rgia
    Woody Woodpecker received a makeover after being in 9 short subjects. His red chest became white and he was "less" insane. The new Woody has one very prominent trait...he's a bottomless pit. He eats and eats and eats and you can't fill him up! From "The Barber of Seville" to "Drooler's Delight" Woody 2.0 spends the majority of his time eating and mooching off of Wally Walrus and other people. In this particular short, the always- hungry woodpecker seeks a restaurant to feast at and is dismayed to find that they're all closed. He happens upon one building that has a sign reading, "We specialize in stuffing birds!" Thinking he's finally found a banquet to indulge in, Woody finds himself instead the target of an ambitious taxidermist (played by the marvelous voice actor Hans Conried aka Captain Hook!)

    In this short, Woody is much more likable for me. He's not thieving or mooching, he's just looking for a meal that he intends to pay for.
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    • Author: Foiuost
    This is a reasonably decent cartoon, entertaining and fairly funny, but nothing special, with Woody trying to mooch a meal and fairly predictable consequences ensue. Worth watching, but don't go to great lengths for this one alone. Recommended.
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    • Author: Steelrunner
    I'm doing a seminar about the true wonders of the world, and this episode illustrates the woodpecker so when the villain of the episode talks about his dreams when he sees the possibility of one hundred dollars bounty for the painful sting stick. then he begins to imagine the wonders he could do with money, wondering what he and the other man would do with the money in 1945, and until nowadays, perpetuating this episode, showing that this episode relates the reality of man to day to today, because our dreams are still the same - women - yachts - women - cars - women - mansions - Women. This shows the intelligence of the author, doing an episode of this category and world-wide.
  • Uncredited cast:
    Mel Blanc Mel Blanc - Woody Woodpecker (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
    Hans Conried Hans Conried - Taxidermist (voice) (uncredited)
    Ben Hardaway Ben Hardaway - Woody Woodpecker (voice) (uncredited)
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