» » 60 Minutes Ending America's Longest War/Coming Home/A Forgotten Corner of Hell (1968– )

Short summary

"Ending America's Longest War" rebroadcasts an interview with U.S. General John Campbell and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. "Coming Home" rebroadcasts a segment on veterans of a Marine company that took especially high casualties in Afghanistan. "Forgotten Corner of Hell" rebroadcasts a segment on a team searching for the remains of World War II airmen.

Episode cast overview:
Lara Logan Lara Logan - Herself - Correspondent (segment "Ending America's Longest War")
John F. Campbell John F. Campbell - Himself - General (segment "Ending America's Longest War") (archive footage)
Ashraf Ghani Ashraf Ghani - Himself - President, Afghanistan (segment "Ending America's Longest War") (archive footage)
Scott Pelley Scott Pelley - Himself - Correspondent (segment "Coming Home")
Robert Pullen Robert Pullen - Himself - First Sergeant (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Jonathan Quiceno Jonathan Quiceno - Himself - Corporal (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Rory Hamill Rory Hamill - imself - Marine (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Christian Cabaniss Christian Cabaniss - Himself - Colonel (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Dan O'Hara Dan O'Hara - Himself - Second Lieutenant (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Devin Jones Devin Jones - Himself - Marine (segment "Coming Home") (archive footage)
Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper - Himself - Correspondent (segment "Forgotten Corner of Hell")
Pat Scannon Pat Scannon - Himself - BentProp Project (segment "Forgotten Corner of Hell") (archive footage)
Casey Doyle Casey Doyle - Himself - BentProp Project (segment "Forgotten Corner of Hell") (archive footage)
Eric Terrill Eric Terrill - Himself - BentProp Project (segment "Forgotten Corner of Hell") (archive footage)
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