» » Могучие рейнджеры Ниндзя Шторм The Samurai's Journey: Part III (2003–2004)

Short summary

The Rangers are still reeling from their latest surprises when they are ambushed by Lothor. Barely managing to escape and retrieve their powers, each of them is forced to fight a new monster alone. Cam is bitten by an alien insect monster and struggles to manage his duties as he starts turning into a bug. Sensei reveals to him how to undo the condition, which seems impossible. In the end, it takes all the Rangers split into two groups to save the city.

Dustin's line "Let's mash some monsters" is a possible nod to the popular 1962 novelty song 'The Monster Mash' best known by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett.

Episode cast overview:
Pua Magasiva Pua Magasiva - Shane Clarke / Red Wind Ranger
Sally Martin Sally Martin - Tori Hanson / Blue Wind Ranger
Glenn McMillan Glenn McMillan - Waldo 'Dustin' Brooks / Yellow Wind Ranger
Adam Tuominen Adam Tuominen - Hunter Bradley / Crimson Thunder Ranger
Jorge Vargas Jorge Vargas - Blake Bradley / Navy Thunder Ranger / Starvark (as Jorgito Vargas Jr.)
Jason Chan Jason Chan - Cameron 'Cam' Watanabe / Green Samurai Ranger
Katrina Browne Katrina Browne - Kapri
Katrina Devine Katrina Devine - Marah
Grant McFarland Grant McFarland - Lothor / Sensei Guinea Pig
Peter Rowley Peter Rowley - Zurgane (voice)
Dene Young Dene Young - Sucker (voice)
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