» » Taiyô no ko Esteban Esteban, Child of the Sun (1982–1983)

Short summary

Esteban, a little boy of ten years old, lives happily in Barcelona with a monk called Brother Rodriguez. No one really knows where Esteban comes from. Brother Rodriguez took him in when he was two. Esteban has the wonderful and strange power of control over nature and the elements. He is known by all the town as "The Child of the Sun" because he can call upon the sun to stop the rain whenever he wishes. Esteban is called one day to the bedside of Brother Rodriguez. Before dying, the old monk wants to reveal all he knows of Esteban's history. Ten year ago, when Magellan the explorer was sailing back to Spain after a long voyage, he and his crew were surprised by a terrible storm. Suddenly the sailors spotted a boat adrift in the storm. A man was in the boat, with a baby in his arms, calling to the ship for help. Suddenly the man disappeared below the waves but one of the sailors managed to get to the boat in time to save the infant. "The baby was you, Esteban" says Brother Rodriguez. ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Masako Nozawa Masako Nozawa - Esteban (voice)
Janice Chaikelson Janice Chaikelson - Zia (voice)
Rei Sakuma Rei Sakuma - Zia (voice)
Adrian Knight Adrian Knight - Tao (voice)
Michael Rudder Michael Rudder - Pedro (voice)
Howard Ryshpan Howard Ryshpan - Mendoza (voice)
Naoya Uchida Naoya Uchida - Mendoza (voice)
Terrence Labrosse Terrence Labrosse - Sancho (voice)
Ôki Nakamura Ôki Nakamura - Pedro (voice)
Toshiharu Sakurai Toshiharu Sakurai - Sancho (voice)
Vlasta Vrana Vlasta Vrana - Narrator / Kokapetl (voice)
Matt Birman Matt Birman - Captain Gomez (voice)
Kelly Ricard Kelly Ricard - Narrator (voice)
A.J. Henderson A.J. Henderson - Captain Gaspard (voice)
Maurice Podbrey Maurice Podbrey - Governor Pizarro (voice)
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