» » Taiyô no ko Esteban The Great Condor (1982–1983)

Short summary

Heading for the mountains of Pacha Mama Esteban and his friends come across Kuruga who has been wounded. He is laying on the ground, abandoned by his people because he failed in his attack on the village. Taking pity on him, the children give him their water. To thank them, Kuruga tells them that the Urubus are preparing to capture Zia, to offer her up as sacrifice to Pacha Mama. He advises them to escape through the Valley of the Dead where the Urubus never dare to go. The little group crosses the valley with difficulty but manages to escape from the clutches of the Urubus. As night is falling on the Andes, Esteban suddenly notices a bright light in the sky. He is sure that it must be the star of Kogolite. According to the words of the Wise Man of the Old Peak "You must place the two medallions of the sun there, where the Sun God crosses Kogolite. The moment the two medallions leave the Moon Goddess and are placed on the chest of the Goddess of the Earth, the gate of the City of Gold...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Shiraz Adam Shiraz Adam - Esteban (voice)
Janice Chaikelson Janice Chaikelson - Zia (voice)
Adrian Knight Adrian Knight - Tao (voice)
Michael Rudder Michael Rudder - Pedro (voice)
Howard Ryshpan Howard Ryshpan - Mendoza (voice)
Terrence Labrosse Terrence Labrosse - Sancho (voice)
Vlasta Vrana Vlasta Vrana - Narrator / Kokapetl (voice)
Matt Birman Matt Birman - Captain Gomez (voice)
Kelly Ricard Kelly Ricard - Narrator (voice)
A.J. Henderson A.J. Henderson - Captain Gaspard (voice)
Maurice Podbrey Maurice Podbrey - Governor Pizarro (voice)
Richard M Dumont Richard M Dumont - Menator (voice) (as Richard Dumont)
Dean Hagopian Dean Hagopian - Kalmec (voice)
Walter Massey Walter Massey - The Doctor (voice)
Anick Faris Anick Faris - Lana / Morca / Myeena (voice)
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