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A motley group of astronauts travel unimaginable distances across time and space on a quest for a glimpse of something beyond known reality.

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    • Author: Hystana
    Fractalus is an intriguingly weird little 25-minute short about a near future where humanity seems to be aware of God's location in the universe. Scientific and religious teams try to reach it constantly, but none have succeeded due to a breakdown of time-space during the approach.

    It's not exactly a big-budget production, but makes excellent use of what it has, presenting quite a delicious little riddle that you can have lots of fun interpreting.

    It's a brain twister, though of the type where you can feel there's a more coherent intended plot, rather than a jumble of artsy symbolism (think "Donnie Darko", as opposed to "Blue Velvet"). There are also some interesting explanations to be found around online.
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    • Author: Whilingudw
    1 Star for the production values. 0 For the script/direction.

    Meaningless pseudo metaphysical clap trap dressed in sci-fi.

    Kind of reminds you of the metaphysical ending of Kubricks 2001.. but without anything worth while preceding, blended with Twightlight for gen Y sci-fi fans...

    Judging by the credits quite a bit of time money & effort went into this nonsense.

    Is it just a tech demo of what this company can do in order to sell themselves to prospective clients?

    A teaser for an forth coming feature film? I sincerely hope not.

    Maybe it was just a concept to pitch at test audiences. Pretty sure it was canned because of audience reaction if it was.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Austin Highsmith Austin Highsmith - Kelly
    Maury Sterling Maury Sterling - Corey
    Dominic Comperatore Dominic Comperatore - Andre
    Harvey Silver Harvey Silver - Mike
    Amir Talai Amir Talai - Lee
    Peter Lavin Peter Lavin - Palisades Man
    Libby West Libby West - Palisades Woman
    Alethea Kutscher Alethea Kutscher - Alien Being
    Jamie Hagan Jamie Hagan - Alien Babe
    Johnny Davis Johnny Davis - Bone Man
    Tristian Wolf Tristian Wolf - Yellow Man
    Americus Abesamis Americus Abesamis - Monk
    Orlando Estrada Orlando Estrada - Monk (as Orlando Alan)
    Gracie Unger Gracie Unger - Young Kelly
    John Butterfield John Butterfield - Viking
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