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A day in a space station consists of 16 dawns and 16 dusks. However, unlike the cycle of the Earth, life in a space station is never so predictable. Utilizing unseen footage filmed by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy and interviews with astronauts and their psychologists, this doc combines the domestic with the science in order to discover what it's like to go to space.

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    • Author: Ochach
    This is an unexpected discovery! It really reflects the race for space in the cold war era. It shows that astronauts are also normal people with emotions and needs. The movie depicts clearly the confinement in the space shuttle, the smallness of the human kind, and its greatness against the vast unknown. There is no narration, but there is no need for it. Viewers must be patient, it's almost an artsy short. The white noise, the machinery, the radio messages, all very much to the point.
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    Jean-François Clervoy Jean-François Clervoy - Himself
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