» » Den Enkla Vägen (2011)

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Three young men somewhere on the country in Sweden is about to commit a robbery of a jewelry store. Meanwhile, Joanna is late for her life's most important job interview. A car crash link their fates together, and the day takes a strange turn.

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    • Author: NI_Rak
    It is really hard to ascertain who is having the easy way and how. This has a lot to do with the manner in which the 'very notion' of the easy way is defined.The easy way of a person or a group of persons can be viewed from completely different perspectives. For example : students having the easy way by indulging in malpractices in exam. One man's easy way can be interpreted as comfort by other groups. As this concept is open to multiple interpretations, one could also proffer a professional explanation which states that everything in life depends on circumstances. Young Swedish director Robin Ehlde shows that relationships which show initial signs of trouble are doomed to fail. His latest film commences with three young boys mouthing not so pleasant dialogs in French and Swedish. Lastly, fools would always remain fools are they would not think twice before always ending up killing each other.This gives rise to a delicate situation which doesn't happen very often in our lives.
  • Cast overview:
    Paulinne Arpi Paulinne Arpi - Joanna
    Ibrahim Faal Ibrahim Faal - Ibbe
    Magnus Sundberg Magnus Sundberg - Johnny
    Husam Taha Husam Taha - Karim
    Henrik Sjöman Henrik Sjöman - Hyresvärd (voice)
    Leif Wedin Leif Wedin - Juvelerare
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