» » Humans Episode #1.3 (2015– )

Short summary

After Anita has saved Toby's life in a road accident and is commended by most of the family Laura is dissuaded from sending her back and even begins to warm to her, though she is baffled by the synth's unusually high intelligence and suspects illegal modification, which Anita denies. Meanwhile, to stop Odi from being taken away and recycled, George lets him loose in the woods. Hobb, still trying to find out from Fred the whereabouts of the other missing synths, arrives at the brothel where Niska has killed a punter and he is recognized as being an authority figure. After rendezvousing with Leo who is appalled at her crime Niska picks up a single father in a bar. Leo himself receives a message which he believes to be from Anita though it is from the conniving Matty.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Sope Dirisu Sope Dirisu - Fred
Danny Webb Danny Webb - Hobb
Tor Clark Tor Clark - Senior Technician
Tom Goodman-Hill Tom Goodman-Hill - Joe Hawkins
Theo Stevenson Theo Stevenson - Toby Hawkins
Lucy Carless Lucy Carless - Mattie Hawkins
Pixie Davies Pixie Davies - Sophie Hawkins
Katherine Parkinson Katherine Parkinson - Laura Hawkins
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan - Anita
Ivanno Jeremiah Ivanno Jeremiah - Max
Colin Morgan Colin Morgan - Leo
Ruth Bradley Ruth Bradley - DI Karen Voss
Jill Halfpenny Jill Halfpenny - Jill Drummond
Neil Maskell Neil Maskell - DS Pete Drummond
Caroline Lee-Johnson Caroline Lee-Johnson - Brothel Madam
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