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Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi meet in south America and head to Italy to fight in the wars of Risorgimento.

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    • Author: Najinn
    This one-reel museum piece – counting just over a century – was revived as part of the celebrations pertaining to the 150th anniversary (which did not seem so distant when it was made!) of the unification of Italy; incidentally, I acquired it as a companion piece to a 1952 film about this minor historical figure (recently shown on Italian TV on the same occasion). The lady is wife to the famed leader of the "Red Shirts" (actually the title of the later version, which I have yet to watch) who, according to this account, died from exhaustion when the couple and another companion were being pursued across country by the enemy forces (in fact, she expires in an incongruous South Sea-type straw hut!).

    The film is basically a succession of tableaux-like scenes – with the appropriate tinting for added effect – detailing some of the key events (usually involving crowd scenes and including even some military action) that marked these turbulent times. However, it must now be viewed with sympathy as direction resorts to incessant gesticulating from virtually the entire cast (something which the Italians would, in any case, become renowned for) – punctuated by only a handful of generic intertitles – to tell the tale!
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    Maria Caserini Maria Caserini - Anita (as Maria Gasperini)
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