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Ram falls in love with Sona, who lives on the fields of Punjab. He follows her to her farm, where her elder brother challenges him to produce more seed on their fields. If he wins, he will be allowed to marry her.
Ram ( Girish Kumar) is a rich, city boy, born to billionaire parents and brought up in Australia. On the other hand, Sona ( Shruti Hassan) is a traditional, simple desi girl from Punjab who is brought up by her only brother, Raghuveer ( Sonu Sood). One day, Riya, Sona's best friend, comes to their house to invite Sona to their house as she is getting married. Riya's cousin, Ram also arrives on the same day with his mother, Ashwini ( Poonam Dhillon).

Trailers "Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013)"

Girish Kumar's first film

Title of the film is inspired from classical song Ramaiya Vastavaiya from Shree 420 1955 pictured on Raj Kapoor his elder son Radhir Kapoor plays a supporting role in the film.

Randhir Kapoor and Vinod Khanna act in a film after 35 years their last film together was Aakhri Daku 1978.

Story of the film was inspired from two of Salman Khan's classic films Maine Pyar Kiya 1989 and Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya 1998.

Film released on the same day as D Day and both the film had Shruti Hassan in the lead.

Randhir Kapoor and Poonam Dhillon worked to gather after 31 years their last film was Sawaal 1982 where they played brother and sister whereas in Biwi O Biwi 1981 they were romantic couple.

D Day and Ramaiya Vastavaiya released on the same day both the films had real life brothers Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor playing supporting roles in separate films.

Vinod Khanna and Poonam Dhillon worked to gather in a film after 22 years last being Patthar Ke Insan 1991.

Director Prabhudeva had done an appearance in the song Jadoo Ki Jhappi along with Jacqueline Fernandes.

After remaking Pokkri 2007 as Wanted in 2009 this was Prabhudeva's second film which he remake from his own south film Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana 2005.

The title of the film wasn't finalized during its Mahurat.

Jacqueline Fernandez made special appreance in the movie

Girish Kumar Taurani made his Bollywood debut with this film Ramaiya Vastavaiya.

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    • Author: Skyway
    A remake of the Telugu Hit Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya', Directed by Prabhudheva, is A Routine Rom-Com! Though fairly entertaining, it's very predictable & clichéd.

    'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' Synopsis: Ram falls in love with Sona, who lives on the fields of Punjab. He follows her to her farm, where her elder brother challenges him to produce more seed on their fields. If he wins, he will be allowed to marry her.

    'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' revisits romance, but its got its share of humor & emotional sequences as well. The Love-Story, as mentioned before, is very predictable & clichéd. The viewer can foresee the entire film from the very beginning.

    In terms of plus points, the film is fairly entertaining, especially in the second-hour, which is crisp. Shiraz Ahmed's Adapted Screenplay offers no novelty, but arrests the viewer's attention in the second-hour. Prabhudheva's Direction is well-done. Cinematography is excellent. Editing is fair. Music by Sachin-Jigar is superb.

    Performance-Wise: Girish Taurani makes a confident debut. He acts ably, but goes over the top in comedic moments. Shruti Hassan looks gorgeous & delivers a restrained performance. Sonu Sood adds depth to the character he plays. He stands out. Vinod Khanna is efficient, as always. Randhir Kapoor hams. Poonam Dhillion is alright. Nasser & Zakhir Hussain are adequate. Satish Shah is wasted. Paresh Ganatra & Mushtaq Khan are funny. Jacqueline Fernandez sizzles in an item number.

    On the whole, 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' has its moments.
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    • Author: Syleazahad
    RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA is a romantic film directed by Prabhu Dheva, starring Girish Taurani, Shruti Hassan & Sonu Sood.

    The film revolves around Ram and Sona. Ram is the son of a billionaire in Australia whereas Sona comes from a small village where her brother, Raghuveer, grows crops. The story is about how both of them fall in love and how Ram tries to convince Raghuveer by growing more crops than him.

    When the trailer of Ramaiya Vastavaiya came out, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to see it; due to the fact that it had that clichéd romantic storyline and Girish Taurani's acting looking extremely unprofessional. But after a while, due to the promos and the grand soundtrack, I decided to give the film a shot only because of Sonu Sood and Prabhu Dheva.

    Ramaiya Vastavaiya is, in the uttermost truth, a simple romantic film with a bit of mindlessness. Honestly, the plot is quite good upon execution and there does tend to be a few funny scenes only due to the fact that there are some mindless, crazy situations placed in the film. That, and Girish Taurani's acting. But even though the first half of the film tends to be a bit over-the-top, it settles down to be a normal romantic film in the second half; something we wanted in the beginning. Its like, in the first half, Prabhu Dheva decided to butter us up so that we get comfortable with the characters and then in the second half, he gets down to the real stuff. And honestly, I quite understand that; its a good execution, but then some people who don't like mindless films may be a bit annoyed.

    The soundtrack is extremely good and it gives the film an even further romantic feel. Songs like "Jeene Laga Hoon", "Bairiyaa" and "Rang Jo Lagyo" suit the film's theme, whereas "Hip Hop Pammi" and "Jadoo Ki Jappi" are just dance songs.

    Another topic to comment about is the film's item song, "Jadoo Ki Jappi". It was extremely unneeded but maybe Prabhu Dheva didn't want to keep it too serious, although, I feel the film wouldn't have made much of a difference without it.

    The acting is quite alright. Its nothing grand, yet its simple. Sonu Sood's acting was very good, as usual. Shruti Hassan was quite good displaying her emotions from time to time. Girish Taurani's acting quite okay, I guess? I felt it needed a lot more work on his display of emotions even though his character had more of a joker feel to it. I really don't know, his acting didn't really stun me.

    In the end, Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a simple romantic film. Go watch it to pass your time; it isn't a GRAND film but it does entertain you. Go watch it especially for the second half of the film... You'll have a great time.
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    • Author: the monster
    By garbage I mean the cliché here. If you've watched Maine Pyar Kiya, do not bother to watch this remake of a remake riddled with same old formulaic sequences, disastrous cast performance & stupid characters.

    Every time I see a newcomer who is over-smart & over-acting at the same time, I assume he/she is some producer/director's son/daughter. In here, Girish Kumar is who I am talking about: his demeanor is extremely idiotic with foolish expressions & punch lines. He is aptly named by his co-star as "monkey." Speaking of the co-star, I still cannot believe she's Kamal Hassan's daughter. She acts foolhardy but is better than her co-star. Supporting cast induce humor but logic doesn't even touch their portrayal.

    Sonu Sood is good but since the plot is hackneyed enough to spoil the experience, he doesn't help much. Music is of course lively, but it doesn't save the experience as well. The melodrama towards the end is unbearable. Poor editing, fine screenplay & mediocre use of humor forces me to rate this let-down film a merciless 3.7/10.

    It defines how some people can ridicule the genre the film is based on. Is it too much that we ask for something new?

    BOTTOM LINE: A huge disappointment from the guy who gave us "Wanted." Not recommended for sensible people! Others can go have a laugh!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Profanity: No | Vulgarity/Nudity: No | Sex: No | Violence/Gore: Strong | Alcohol/Smoking: No | Drugs: No
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    • Author: Alien
    Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a clichéd romcom rich guy falls for poor girl etc but add loads of entertainment, laughter,and emotions.A good watch!RamaiyaVastavaiya acting wise Grish Kumar impresses in his debut,job well done. Shruti Hassan excels also.But Sonu Sood steals the show. Special mention to Paresh Ganatra he steals the show with his comic antics when he is on the screen. One needs to seem more in films.RamaiyaVastavaiya is a remake of Telugu Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana which was also made by Dir Prabhu Deva and its apt remake.Good Job Prabhu.Overall if you want to enjoy a clean entertainer that provides laughter,emotions etc watch RamaiyaVastavaiya if you don't mind clichés. A must watch for people who love romcoms and small town love stories.
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    • Author: grand star
    a clean family entertainer Ramaiya Vastavaiya never disappoints this was awesome in every part,comedy,story,songs,screenplay everything was perfect the chemistry between the actors is lovable Girish,great debut by him the movie is perfectly made and very well promoted the main ascent of the film is girish he never disappoints super romantic movie although it's a remake of a Tamil movie but if people can watch Salman khan pathetic movies trust this movie u will never disappoint perfect for the débutant and don't try to think too much regarding this movie is copy or some part of the movie from here and there,just enjoy it overall amazing movie,Shruti Hassan looks very beautiful all through i think she will be back in Bollywood after this and Sonu Sood has done a great job playing brother of Shrut,he is awesome and perfect in the role every other supporting characters justified there role overall a must watch don't underestimate the young star u will love him all through the movie
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    • Author: Knights from Bernin
    i went to see the film and i was very happy now i loved the film and it actor Girish Taurani he was very good and the story is good and everything is very good in this film and the film is fll of comedy and action The Music ill say were a little unnecessary but its an Indian film the HEART and SOUL of it is Music whether they are good or bad! The Songs are good! there a Hit in Homes and Car Stereos! in the Film they don't match! the film maker has done a Great Job! Acting: 8/10 Music: 10/10 In the Movie 4/10 Direction: 9/10 Cinematographer: 10/10 SUPERB Story 8/10

    So Finalised Result is 9/10

    Excellent Movie!
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    • Author: Shomeshet
    Read complete review :

    Well to tell you the truth, my first reaction on seeing the promo of this film some time back was "Who is this guy with a horrendous hair do?" Yes I am talking about Girish Kumar ( apologies to all his fans !!). So I was pretty sure no one could convince me to watch this movie but unfortunately someone did and hence this review. To give you a premises Ramaiya Vastavaiya is directed by Prabhu Deva and is a remake of his very own south Indian hit which itself was inspired by 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. Now you know where are we going with this

    Read story at


    Well Girish Kumar is the producer's (Kumar Taurani) son, well thats his only qualification for landing this role. His hair is really annoying seriously. He tries to look mature by keeping a stuble but fails miserably. Moreover he acts like a chimp…jumping every now and then, maybe he was trying to make the character more lively and chirpy. Shruti Hassan is good to look at but same cannot be said about her acting.She seems blank and delivers her dialogues at the same pace and with the same emotion no matter what the scene is. Sonu Sood is the only saving grace of the movie, at least he acts well and portrays his character well. As for the director Prabhu Deva, he hasn't even tried to make the film look fresh, its not even old wine in a new bottle.The cinematography and the music are few positives of the movie.The songs are already quite popular.


    Well I would say you better avoid wasting time going to the theatre to watch Ramaiya Vastavaiya instead watch it on some movie channel or DVD.

    Cast : Girish Kumar,Shruti Hassan, Sonu Sood, Poonam Dhillon and Randhir Kapoor Director : Prabhu Deva Producer: Kumar Taurani Music: Sachin-Jigar.
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    • Author: Beahelm
    Story is very simple. Nothing new in screenplay and in dialogues even. All emotional scenes fall very flat. Most of the comedy scenes are also fated like emotional ones. You will laugh in a few comedy scenes, i.e when Randhir Kapoor eats the chilli powder mix rice. His expression binds you to laugh. Every scene and climax is most predictable. Yeah, it is true that you can easily predict the climax of a love story but the way of approach towards climax makes audience engrossed but this movie fails in it. Metaphor of clay horse was not well established so when the lead actors feel the attachment towards it you won't. Movie reminds you always about Maine Pyar kiya but Maine Pyar kiya is gem. Performance wise nothing to shout about. Zakir Hussain surprises and makes you laugh with his performance. The fabulous part of this film is music by Sachin Jigar. Songs are composed, written, choreographed and shot very nicely. They suddenly picked up the film.
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    • Author: Windbearer
    The promos and the very beginning of the film itself reflects the predictability of the film which is the only negative point I saw in this film. "Ramaiya Vastavaiya" (taken from the song of Raj Kapoor's Shree 420) , as the title, is refreshing and feels like a fresh breath of air filled with hilarious, comical, and romantic moments which hold you to your seats despite the predictability of the story where we have a caring brother, sister, and a lover who needs to prove his love. The setting and the story feels like "Maine Pyar Kiya" meets "Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya" but skipping the usual typecast villains of "Maine Pyar Kiya" or profanity of "Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya." You'll understand what I'm trying to say if you have seen those movies.

    The film at times also succeeds as a slapstick comedy which very few Hindi movies dare to venture. There are villains but they are again normal people who help to make the movie hilarious. Performance wise, the new pair Girish Kumar and Shruti Hassan makes a marvelous performance. So can be said of Sonu Sood and Vinod Khanna, who appear in important roles. The music is good and the photography refreshing. So the biggest success of this film directed by Prabhu Deva is the sheer entertainment it provides despite the often predictability of the story.

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4
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    • Author: Rit
    A few months back, director Sajid Khan tried to play with the idea of recreating the 80s era on the screen with his HIMMATWALA. The film was rejected completely but perhaps Prabhu Deva liked Sajid's basic thought of incorporating the 80s feel and then used it in his latest film RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA which is also supposed to be the launching pad of GIRISH KUMAR in the industry.

    Revealing the basic content of the film, it's an official remake of Prabhu Deva's own directorial debut in Telugu titled NUVVOSTANANTE NENODDANTANA released in 2005. But if this was based on the 2005 Telugu movie then the regional project itself was a highly inspired version of Rajshri's mega hit MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989) along with references of PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA (1998) too in its second half. So as far as its storyline is concerned the above mentioned names would clearly give you an idea of its pretty routine script with all seen before stuff served in the name of a new romantic film in 2013.

    Hence from that angle there is nothing new to see in this movie quite frankly. Its begins on a pleasant note with an old time 80s feel and then keeps progressing just like a typical Hindi love story seen many times before. In fact such is the impact of its inspirations that many a times you feel like watching exactly same sequences as seen in those hit movies, like the one where Sonu Sood comes to the big mansion before the interval just as Alok Nath does in MAINE PYAR KIYA. Post interval a few scenes tend to go over the top, childish and lengthy too with some forced humour. But then it all ends on a happy note as usually seen in these kinds of predictable love stories regularly being made in Bollywood from ages.

    Having said that, there still remains something likable, throughout in this film which strongly doesn't allow you to simply call it a trash as it may seem. And probably the trick lies in its fairly nice execution which keeps delivering the new insertions at a good pace and never lets you think about its outdated structure seriously. Both Prabhu Deva and his writers ensure the emotional as well as the entertainment factor to be there in the film, right from its first scene itself, even at the cost of going too loud in the second half. As a result, the viewers who might not have seen the two original films, do not get anything major to complain and remain seated.

    Besides the film has a decent packaging, cool cinematography and some hit tracks which are evidently a must have for a Bollywood love story to win some hearts in the Indian market. "Jeene Laga Hun" is already popular in the masses and "Jadoo Ki Jhappi", "Hip Hop Pammi" & "Rang Jo Lagyo" sound fine while watching the film. So overall music director duo Sachin-Jigar have done a decent job here for the otherwise jaded love saga.

    Girish Kumar in his debut performance shows the confidence, but also goes over the top in few sequences perhaps because his character was conceived in that way only by the director. Girish does almost everything in the film, what a Bollywood hero needs to do, but manages to impress only up to an extent, especially in the second half. Yet, the boy shows a decent glimpse of honesty and sincerity in his overblown lover boy act.Shruti Hassan adds to the likable feel with her innocent presence playing the leading lady. She looks gorgeous in all the traditional dresses and brings a pleasant kind of freshness in the film with her cool act.

    Sonu Sood is simply excellent in the role of Shruti's elder brother and Vinod Khanna is lovable as the helpful station master. The supporting cast has some reputed names who all play it fine including Randhir Kapoor, Nasser, Poonam Dhillon & Satish Shahalong with Zakir Hussain, Mushtaq Khan, Sarfaraz Khan and Paresh Ganatra. Prabhu Deva makes a cameo in an item song with Jacqueline, but the song doesn't have any great dance movements from the maestro, which might disappoint his die- hard fans a lot.

    Summing up, what Sajid Khan failed to achieve in his HIMMATWALA, Prabhdeva majorly succeeds in getting the same in his RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA, i.e. bringing back that breezy feel of the 80s. So though the film has nothing new in the name of content, it still may work in the single screen and smaller centers due to its standard entertaining sequences & music, targeting a particular section of viewers. However, the other truth is that the producers have actually played it too safe to launch their son in such a simple and routine film. With a new age experimental project written around a loving couple, Girish surely could have impressed the viewers a lot more than this old-fashioned Bollywood love story. So watch it only if you are a true fan of that dated era of 80s and can still enjoy many exactly similar sequences once again.
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    • Author: FailCrew
    Watch the original with English subs, don't bother watching this one.
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    • Author: Sardleem
    I saw this movie 3 years after its release. Why? Because other than a good song "Jeene laga hoon" nothing else interested me at that time. The story is more or less a "Maine Pyar Kiya" revisit with some other twists. Nothing personal but I do have some allergy towards Prabhu Deva directed movies. By the way, what's with the cameo dance step in every movie, dude? With that said, I think the gentleman is ONLY a terrific dancer. Like all his other movies (R...Rajkumar, Rowdy Rathore, Wanted, etc.) there is an over-the-top exaggeration in stunts and tickle-me-funny humor. Oh and of course, garish outfits matched with goofy dance steps. Girish Kumar's debut was quite disappointing, this being his "own" film. He showed all the trending ingredients of a Bollywood hero (boyish charm, well built muscles) but his character portrayal was a total let down. Shruti Hassan did OK with the supporting cast. I was surprised by the roles played by Poonam Dhillon, Randhir Kapoor, Nassar - such roles really don't suit actors of their caliber and age.
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    • Author: Enalonasa
    When the trailers of this movie came out , and I saw a unknown face as hero and Guy with average looks (and for me its dosn matter, not everyone is Hritik roshan in India) , weird Hairstyle , and most important Poor in acting , I even didn't know his name But I said to my friend - "Bet hes is the son of a big producer or director or some Very rich man , and I was right Cos they brought a director whos previous 2 movies are superhit , The Prabhu deva , But even He can make this peace of garbage movie with This Hero whos only qualification is His dad is a producer shitty movie , boring comedy , terrible acting , and almost no story Do not fall for the False reviews , Stay away and save some money
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    • Author: Bragis
    After a span of unconventional love stories like 'Raanjhanaa' and 'Lootera', here is a typical romantic flick which has a storyline seen in many, many movies before. The movie revolves around "love" – brotherly love, sisterly love and love between two people who are attracted to each other. Sonu Sood – who plays an over-protective brother – takes care of his sister Sona, played by Shruti Hassan, after their mother dies. Raghuvir – played by Sonu – educates his sister and never lets anything or anybody hurt her. All he desires is to find a down to earth guy who can keep his sister happy in their own village.

    However, as luck would have it, she falls in love with an NRI, Ram – played by Girish Kumar - whom she meets at her best friend's wedding. Then starts the typical love-hate relationship, which actually culminates into proper head-over-heels, let's grow old together kind of love. After having delivered "macho" movies like 'Wanted' and 'Rowdy Rathore', Prabhu Deva has done a fair job with 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya', but it has nothing new which has not yet been seen before.

    Alas, there is one thing that has not been seen ever before – a villain who speaks just one sentence in the entire movie. There is a lot of commotion because the bad guy wants to marry the good and beautiful girl, but the bad guy never mouths these words himself – not once! same pace and with the same emotion no matter what the scene is. As for Girish Kumar – who has debuted with this movie – India may have literally found a "jumping jack". Whether he's dancing, or flirting or just walking, he is always "jumpy" about it. Sonu Sood, on the other hand, does manage to portray a farmer to perfection – from his clothes to the way he speaks.

    Shruti hassan looks like a Princess and acts well too.

    Poonam Dhillon - Ram's mother – plays a woman obsessed with money and her status, while Randhir Kapoor – Ram's father – doesn't have much of a role apart from playing a husband petrified by the very look of his wife.

    Paresh Ganatra – who plays Bijli - walks away with the cake for his comic timing. He manages to make the audience laugh each time he makes an entry – be it a light hearted scene or emotional. such a nice it
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    • Author: Dagdalas
    This is the first ever movie to have my ratings. And that was 10 out of 10 stars. May be because of the chemistry between the lead actors in the film. I started loving this film even before its release because of its super hit trailer, as well as the mind blowing song J L H and too because my favourite actress was playing lead. No matter the film is the remake of remakes. And the debutant actor played the perfect lead and was looking too handsome because of his curly hairstyle. But now he did the rubbish thing changing his R V hairstyle. Don't know why? And actress was looking gorgeous as ever. The lead actress had all time beautiful looks, no matter if behind the scenes or in the movie. Somebody had said that the romance was eternal and wasn't original too! But yet still i can say that the movie is must watch, and softly recommended too!!
  • Credited cast:
    Shruti Haasan Shruti Haasan - Sona (as Shruti K. Haasan)
    Girish Taurani Girish Taurani - Ram
    Randhir Kapoor Randhir Kapoor - Siddhanth - Ram's Dad
    Sonu Sood Sonu Sood - Raghuveer, Sona's elder brother
    Vinod Khanna Vinod Khanna - Station Master
    Poonam Dhillon Poonam Dhillon - Ashwini, Ram's Mom
    Satish Shah Satish Shah - Ramakant, Ram's maternal uncle
    Govind Namdeo Govind Namdeo - Jamindar
    Zakir Hussain Zakir Hussain - Baddy on the Train
    Nassar Nassar - Jayprakash (as Nasser)
    Anchal Singh Anchal Singh - Ria, Ram's cousin
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Shiraz Ahmed Shiraz Ahmed - Jailor
    Pankhuri Awasthy Pankhuri Awasthy - Dolly
    Jacqueline Fernandez Jacqueline Fernandez - Special Appearance
    Paresh Ganatra Paresh Ganatra - Bijlee
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