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    • Author: Gna
    I keep focusing on this fact because you wouldn't believe it was true. I knew going into this series that Ashley and Brendan had built the space pod in their dining room (which is an impressive feat in itself) but from watching the episode you would have no idea that you weren't in space with Lt. Sona.

    Ashley plays the character so believably, and even from the first episode you're hooked in the story. Aside from the computer, voiced by the incredible Lauren Lopez who manages to be sassy without taking away the integrity of the dramatic moments, Sona is the only person on the space pod and yet Ashley is still able to make us understand her character perfectly.

    The short episodes are gripping for their entirety, and leave you desperate to find out where the story will go next. I'm so excited to see the rest of this incredible series.
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    • Author: Gold Crown
    I loved the first episode of SONA and can't wait for more. The fact that the show was shot primarily in the dining room of a one-bedroom apartment makes it all the more impressive. I'm hoping we'll get more of this beyond the first season!
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    • Author: Kefrannan
    Ashley Clements is the queen of subtlety in her gradual loss of composure. Seriously, does she do coaching? I'd hire her. Her facial expression convey her frustration and her attempt to conceal panic so well. You have to watch it to fully understand.

    Lauren Lopez as the computer's voice? Beautiful. Somehow managed to make an automated, siri-esque voice have personality. Just the right amount of sass and "I already told you" attitude as Ashley's Lt. Sona slowly loses control over her concern and asks several questions repeatedly.

    I'm so looking forward to Brendan Bradley's appearance.

    Also, I cannot get over that they built this space pod in an LA apartment dining room. Incredible.

    Can't wait for episode 2!
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    • Author: Risinal
    I already knew SONA would be great, but I am even more excited to see the next seven episodes after episode 1. The music! Lauren Lopez as a computer! The writing! Ashley's acting! It's all so wonderful.
  • Series cast summary:
    Ashley Clements Ashley Clements - Lt. Belyn Sona 8 episodes, 2018
    Lauren Lopez Lauren Lopez - Computer 7 episodes, 2018
    Brendan Bradley Brendan Bradley - Akiva 6 episodes, 2018
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