» » Straight and Narrow (2009)

Short summary

This is the story of Matt, an atheist who has to come to grips with faith through tragedy. Through death, lies, and hard times, Matt is forced to re-think what his purpose in life is. He must wonder and think about what is truly worth living for. He wants to hang on to his rationality and his common sense, but still has to wonder where his best friend, who is killed in a car crash, has gone, is he dirt in the ground or somewhere else. And if he is somewhere else, Matt must also think about where he will go if he died today. This is a story of redemption, friendship and a story of salvation. Matt is pushed to the limits of his mind and body to come to grips with an age old question, where will I go when I die?

Credited cast:
Stephen Mathis Stephen Mathis - Aaron
Clifton Sebra Clifton Sebra - Matt
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