» » Ma sorcière bien aimée The Battle of Burning Oak (1964–1972)

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Darrin is working on a new account for J. Earl Rockeford, who asks Darrin to join Burning Oak Country Club, where Rockeford is CEO and Chairman of the Board. Much to Larry's horror, Darrin tells Rockeford that he'd like to think about the generous offer, a response Larry feels will jeopardize the account as even questioning the offer Rockeford would see as an insult. Indeed, Darrin isn't sure that he and Samantha would either fit in with or enjoy the company of who he perceives as the snobbish crowd at Burning Oak. Darrin and Samantha decide they should at least give Burning Oak a try if only as a means of apologizing to Mr. Rockeford for what could be construed as Darrin's rudeness in not immediately accepting the offer. While Darrin has a golf date with Larry and Rockeford at the club, Samantha has a lunch date with Hortense Rockeford and two other women of the screening committee. Endora believes that Darrin does relish being one of the snobs, and just before he is to go to the ...

Endora mentions that she had been protesting a movie which portrayed witches as evil. The very popular Rosemary's Baby (1968) had been released the summer before.

Last TV appearances of Glenda Farrell and Mauritz Hugo.

(recurring joke): Every time women want to offend Samantha, they'll ask if she knows 'Dr. Heffner, the plastic surgeon... He does wonderful nose work...". It was asked by Sheila Sommers on Bewitched: I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha (1964), Miss Kabaker on Bewitched: Double Split (1966) and by Cynthia Monteagle on this episode.

Episode complete credited cast:
Elizabeth Montgomery Elizabeth Montgomery - Samantha Stephens
Dick York Dick York - Darrin Stephens
Agnes Moorehead Agnes Moorehead - Endora
Edward Andrews Edward Andrews - J. Earl Rockeford
Glenda Farrell Glenda Farrell - Hortense Rockeford
June Vincent June Vincent - Cynthia Monteagle
Doreen McLean Doreen McLean - Aunt Hagatha
Mauritz Hugo Mauritz Hugo - Mr. Monteagle
Harry Stanton Harry Stanton - Mr. Morton
Harriet E. MacGibbon Harriet E. MacGibbon - Jessica Morton (as Harriet MacGibbon)
David White David White - Larry Tate
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