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Someone has been calling Joe Mannix with vague threats of harm, and he initially disregards them as an occupational hazard. But when the threats turn into a near-fatal attack, Mannix reviews his old cases for a clue to the person's identity - and thinks he may have found it in an old extortion case in which he sent the extortionist to prison.

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    • Author: Lesesshe
    When the show begins, some psychotic sort of guy phones Mannix and begins ranting about how he hates the detective and is out to torment him...before ultimately killing him. While this sounds like some sort of crank, this guy definitely means it and also seems to REALLY enjoy he laughs and laughs in a menacing manner throughout the call. He insists that Mannix must 'pay him back'for what he's done to him...but for what?! Who is this man and what slight does he feel was done to him?! All we do know initially is that he loves what he's doing AND he knows how to build bombs, as one nearly takes Mannix's head off as he heads up the stairs!!

    Following a VERY tenuous lead, Mannix travels out into the country to look for a guy named Ira Beecher who just got out of prison. Here's where the episode seems NOTHING like the first portion. There are no more scary phone calls or threats...just Mannix somehow thinking Ira might be responsible for the phone calls (this is very tenuous). What actually occurs is that Mannix was lured her to KILL get this guy out of the way.

    So is it any good? Not really. The two portions of the show are two disparate but worse yet is the ending....where Mannix STILL hasn't proved he didn't kill Ira...but somehow the police arrest all the baddies and everything magically worked out...with no explanations about HOW. Badly written and confusing...which stinks as it started off so well.
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    • Author: Nawenadet
    As always when one of these California based episodes features a small town all the usual clichés are employed: corrupt sheriff, secrets, faux southern accents in California (WTH?), nasty people. Yep, this episode had them all. All the characters were so loathsome that I honesty didn't even care who did what.
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    • Author: Thorgaginn
    One poster complained that the episode has California residents wrongly sound like southerners. But California in fact has several accents and places out there like Kern county do have accents that sound like ones from anywhere from Texas to Kentucky.

    Now to other points. Mannix has a great prominent friend in Lt. Art Malcolm and in a moment we did not see (after Peggy called Art) he convinced the State Police and Sheriff's office that Mannix was framed into looking guilty of brutal cold-blooded murder. The woman who played the young man's mom in this episode BTW is sexy lady and talented and wonderful. This episode has many high points.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Mike Connors Mike Connors - Joe Mannix
    Gail Fisher Gail Fisher - Peggy Fair
    Lynn Carlin Lynn Carlin - Nancy Traherne
    Warren Vanders Warren Vanders - Sheriff Gaffrey
    Diane Shalet Diane Shalet - Mona
    Tom Stern Tom Stern - Lee Traherne
    Ron Thompson Ron Thompson - Kirk Bullard
    Ward Wood Ward Wood - Lt. Art Malcolm
    Ann Doran Ann Doran - Mrs. Moody
    Ron Nyman Ron Nyman - Officer #1
    James Burr Johnson James Burr Johnson - Deputy (as James-Burr Johnson)
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