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Short summary

A coming of age story that addresses the confusion of a group of post-pubescent friends as they venture into adulthood.
Whirlwind is a short film that explores the relationships that ultimately help shape the person we eventually become. Throwing a last-minute party to salvage the beginning of Summer, Rhiannon finds herself alone; an outcast at her own celebration. Emma attempts to bring some fun into Rhiannon's life, but things quickly turn into into an encounter that neither of them had originally anticipated. Juggling this possible new found affection for Emma & an upcoming date with Kieran, Rhiannon struggles to identify who or what she wants in life. Set against the backdrop of a sleepy rural town, Whirlwind is an honest look at teen portrayals & the digital society of today.

Cast overview:
Jessica Young Jessica Young - Rhiannon Roster
Alice Pegram Alice Pegram - Emma Erikson
Jay Westaway Jay Westaway - Kieran Kensworth
Tyso Ansonia Tyso Ansonia - Matthew Morden
Michael T. Smith Michael T. Smith - Richard Reardon
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