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A wealthy man is hosting a garden party for all his pretty daughter's suitors, he who is hoping to choose the man that will be her betrothed. The leading candidate is Angus McCheapskate, who the girl believes is a neanderthal with a bankroll. Harold, a poor young man, is able to crash the party, he and the girl who end up falling for each other. As such, he is who she wants to marry against her father's wishes. The girl takes steps to ensure she and Harold get married, which also entails eluding her father's choice of Angus as her husband. She is able to use something that her father has arranged to work in her and Harold's favor, although their trip to the altar may be in jeopardy by his broken down jalopy.

At the time of this film, many states and localities had their own film censorship boards. In Chicago, for example, they cut close-ups of a coin.

Prints of this film have been preserved at the UCLA Film and Television Archive and at the British Film Institute Archive.

At this point in his career, Harold Lloyd, along with his producer Hal Roach, were turning out a one-reel short every 1-2 weeks.

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    • Author: Arcanefist
    Rich papa is trying to marry off daughter Bebe and who should show up among the usual wealth seekers but Harold Lloyd in morning clothes?

    As with many of the early "glasses" shorts, the jokes are hard-knock slapstick; Harold bests his competition by whacking them on the head with a croquet mallet. Nonetheless, this one is a bit more interesting than most because we see signs of the coming gags -- Harold's old car is a source of pride for him, leading to a longstanding tradition at the Roach studios of some great auto gags.

    Lloyd's style would not really take off for another couple of years, until he was working in two-reelers and venturing into three-reelers. One-reel comedies like this did not permit enough character exposition to foster Lloyd's eccentric but believable style of comedy. Still, on its own terms, it is a successful farce.
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    • Author: Fonceiah
    A Gasoline Wedding (1918)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    A group of men show up to the house of a rich man who is trying to marry off his beautiful daughter (Bebe Daniels). The father hopes to con her into marrying a rich man but The Boy (Harold Lloyd) shows up to win her hand. Of course, he's as broke as can be. A GASOLINE WEDDING features some nice laughs, a terrific twist at the end and it's certainly worth watching by silent buffs or fans of Lloyd. I thought the film started off pretty good as we see a wide range of men showing up to impress the young lady and then we get Lloyd entering the picture and even having to play a funny joke to get inside. The fighting that Lloyd does to get the girl was quite funny but so was the twist at the end, which I won't spoil here. It's certainly not what some people are going to expect and the line of dialogue that follows is just priceless and perfectly pulled off. Lloyd, Daniels and 'Snub' Pollard are all in fine form and especially the two leads. There's no question that Lloyd and Daniels had some real chemistry together and they come across very charming here.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Harold Lloyd Harold Lloyd - Harold
    'Snub' Pollard 'Snub' Pollard - Snub (as Harry Pollard)
    Bebe Daniels Bebe Daniels - The Girl
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