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Mr. Corbeau wants to turn pristine Beware Island into a gambling destination. His plans for building a connecting bridge to the natural paradise are continually delayed; his engineers all fall from the island's cliffs, led there by by a spirit, the Will-O'-The-Wisp. His greedy daughter, Marina, tries to manipulate her ex-fiancé into designing the bridge. Their visit there also proves fatal.

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    • Author: Mettiarrb
    While my summary more than adequately conveys what I think about "Will-o'-the-Wisp", IMDb demands a bit more from its reviews. This episode stars Robert Stack as a nice guy who is being used by his ex-fiancée and her father to try to force some folks off an island so they can create some sort of development. However, there is a force there--one that won't allow any harm to come to the island--even if it must kill. While this idea is good, the show is so overdone and overacted that it almost made me laugh. Stack isn't bad--but the women have all the subtlety of a nudist at a Baptist barbecue!

    This is one of about 15-20 "Lights Out" episodes that still exist. Most very early television shows like this weren't saved but a few are available for free download at My advice is to watch "Dead Man's Coat"--but most of the rest of the "Lights Out" shows seem dated and inferior. A much better anthology series from this same period, "Tales of Tomorrow" is also available for download--and is much more worthy of your time.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Robert Stack Robert Stack - Ian Garth
    Pat Browning Pat Browning - Marina
    Harry Worth Harry Worth - Mr. Corbeau
    Ruth White Ruth White - Mrs. Patchin
    Louanna Gardner Louanna Gardner - Will-O'-The-Wisp
    Frank Gallop Frank Gallop - Your Narrator
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