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A restaurant critic writing about secret supper clubs gets the chance to join an elitist society of cannibals.

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    • Author: Fato
    I do not agree with the first review posted. Omnivorous doesn't have any social analysis or critic perspective about an elite. Its just about people that kill and eat others for fun. And all is commanded by a man who had an unpleasant childhood.

    The suspense created at the first half hour when the main character begins to explore the clandestine restaurants its spoiled later, because everything becomes absolutely obvious and meaningless.

    In addition, the acting is dreadful. And many things remain unexplained. The idea its not bad for a thriller or even a gore movie. But non of this its accomplished here.
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    • Author: Goltikree
    Omnívoros is a film to taste calmly. Its filmmaker Oscar Rojo shows us some of the most shocking images seen in theatres and introduces us into the world of social elites without morals which dominate the ones they consider inferiors –actually everyone that is not like them- at any price. To this "superior race" the use of violence is totally justified to achieve their purpose and it even works as another puzzle piece of the profitable business that is "cannibalism for rich people". The film removes consciences. It has some gore parts but it does not use them excessively. It does not provoke a blood show that may distract the audience; on the contrary it has gore in its fine measure. In fact Omnívoros is more of a Thriller than a Horror movie. Its frenetic rhythm catches you from the beginning –with a memorable initial scene- and it doesn't let you breathe until the spectacular finale. To this we have to add an original soundtrack that works with mathematical precision. The outstanding Fernando Albizu impersonates the owner of the cannibal restaurant, a man with no morals, with no remorse, a cold blooded man. Its character represents power and its manners are the ones of who has it all and achieves it all. It's the prodigious mind of the psycho killer. The disturbing Paco Manzanedo incredibly enacts the silent killer. Implacable, brutal, merciless… The perfect accessory to the character of Fernando Albizu. The film does not show a big variety of gore scenes –fortunately-, but the impact that provoke the scenes that appear is overwhelming. This may explain the high level of identification with the victims. You could say that you fear with them, you suffer with them and you fear death for them. Anyway Oscar Rojo has been able to suggest so much more than the images show. And what he suggests is totally terrifying. It is his great merit. To achieve the same other films have had to spend a big part of their budget in super expensive make up effects and in bulk quantities of blood. Although the screenplay is not perfect, the truth is that Omnívoros is a little big feature film that doesn't let you indifferent. I missed a film that based its strength –and what a strength!- in the idea and not in special effects. I wonder what would have Oscar Rojo done if he had counted with a higher budget.
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    • Author: Rainpick
    Start good and the story is exposed for the first time convincingly. The staging is unfortunate, not only photography, production design, casting of actors and soundtrack are pretty crappy and is not due to be independent film titles could cite kicked four hard facts with which technical section has even school (topical examples: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Blair Witch Project), here also there is lack of media artistic nullity, but anyway, Oscar Rojo strives disturbing and tell a story too good at first, it must be recognized in the first 50 minutes determined effort to overcome this director Brutal Box (2011), his debut unfortunate and expendable . But coming at the end it all comes down, Oscar Rojo does not know how to end the story, the final climax fails, fails also the credibility of an argument that attempts to conclude lacking common sense and logic. It is also in the last half hour where some actors are worse regrettable, especially the protagonist Mario De la Rosa, whose expressiveness is exactly the same in any situation dramatically, which would have a mailbox. Despite all this Omnivores I think it deserves a chance.
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    • Author: Snowskin
    Starting from since the glorious era of Italian cannibal/jungle exploitation movies ended, around the mid-80's approximately, how many truly good horror movies dealing with cannibalism have you seen? One or two, maybe, with "Ravenous and the flamboyant German sick-flick "Cannibal"? Personally I presumed that the cannibal sub genre – just as with authentic zombie movies – got ruined because of stupid and infuriating comedies like the god-awful "Fresh Meat", but apparently there is still hope. The last thing I expected to find in "Omnívores" was nail-biting suspense and genuine disturbance, but that was in fact exactly what I got! Albeit rather predictable and traditionally narrated, "Omnívores" brings forward a solid tale with intrigues, character development and a fantastic old-fashioned petrifying madman! The culinary journalist Marcos Vela is assigned to investigate the new and immensely popular trend of clandestine restaurants; private gatherings between eminent people that pay large sums of money for unique food experiences. After a few introduction meals, Marcos rapidly learns that the notorious urban legends of human flesh tastings are real and, thanks to his natural charms, he even obtains an invitation to a cannibal steak party. As said, the intensity and depravity levels of "Omnívores" are quite impressive. Not once does writer/director Oscar Rojo interrupt the serious tone and beautifully persists to uphold the mystery during the grand finale for a long time even though everybody already guessed the outcome. That's admirable, and Mr. Rojo also came across as a truly devoted and passionate film maker when I saw him at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films. The extended mutilations sequences (the preparation of the human dishes) are extremely vile and sickening, especially since they are performed by the utmost evil "cook" imaginable. The Spanish actor Paco Manzanedo depicts one of the most menacing – and silent - killers I've seen in a long period. Last but not least, the film also stars a few genuine Spanish beauties in the supportive cast, namely Marta Flich and Sara Gómes, that aren't too prudish to showcase their lovely bodies. "Omnívores" is authentic Spanish horror at its most intense and surprising; recommended!
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    • Author: LØV€ YØỮ
    Interesting to see what the term "Omnivore" actually means, especially in context to what the movie is about. Not really the same thing ... a different kind of "animal"(beast) if you will. But this movie is pretty far out there, not only thematically, but also graphically, so it's not for the faint hearted.

    There is also nudity and sexual situations in the movie, but those are not the graphic elements I'm warning you off, it's the violence, but also what you have to "digest" during the "course" of the movie (puns intended), that might make you feel bad. Predictable for the most part, this is an interesting look at the human psyche ... could've been more thorough on some aspects, but as it is, a nice little thriller
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    • Author: Ubranzac
    This is a movie with a fantastic, very original premise. It avoids (considering it's main theme) the 'easy' path to the slippery slope that leads straight to the trash / slasher type of B- movie that most such productions end up being. Yet, it also falls far short of its potential.

    It never manages to go 'deeper' and explore the reasons that lie behind it's premise; 'what is there left when one has and has tried everything there is to have and to try?' This is such an interesting and philosophically exhilarating topic that it could and should have been exploited. In doing this, it would have raised this film to an entirely different level. If it had spent time in the characterization of the protagonists, the motives that drive them and the omnipresent influence of our exasperated consumer society, this motion picture could have been a masterpiece. Alas, this wasn't even attempted, which leaves it stranded somewhere between a 'tame' slasher movie and a potentially great but thwarted artistic accomplishment.
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    • Author: Soustil
    This movie is weird... I've always enjoyed the modern European cinema. There's tons of fantastic movies produced in Spain, France, even Russia. In fact, Europe and Asia (specially South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan), have manage to surpass even Hollywood (it's still in a downfall, in quality terms). Spain, has a remarkable list of horror/thriller/suspense movies, like the franchise REC, The Eye of Julia, among others... so, it was with great expectations that I saw this one... so let me start:

    1. The plot in IMDb is wrong... no one is trying to buy a house. The movie is about a journalist that is making an investigation about underground restaurants. In the midst of the investigation, he was invited to an underground restaurant that served human meat. If you're not in the "cuisine" thing (like Ramsay's or Olivier's TV shows viewers), this plot is somewhat empty, for you...

    2. The acting is neither bad or good... it seems empty... only that...

    3. There is some nudity, along the movie, but it tends to be "blurred" by the violence of the scene itself...

    4. The movie builds around food, and cannibalism, but, with the exceptions of the meat preparations, there's almost no shock around the scenes... I don't know why, but the whole movie seems to be forced...

    5. I liked the soundtrack... for me, it's the only good point of the movie itself...

    So, if you "dig" cannibal movies, try the oldies... Cannibal Holocaust, for instance... this one, for those who are not into food, as an art, is very boring... if you are interested in food, and enjoy Ramsay's programs, and are addicted to food, not only as a physiologic need, but also as interest, you may find it interesting... for me, is a "no-no".
  • Credited cast:
    Ángel Acero Ángel Acero - David
    Fernando Albizu Fernando Albizu - Dimas
    Carina Björne Carina Björne - Gloria
    Mario de la Rosa Mario de la Rosa - Marcos Vela
    Marta Flich Marta Flich - Eva
    Ismael Fritschi Ismael Fritschi - Riky
    Darío Frías Darío Frías - Kabuki 2 (as Darío Frias)
    Sara Gómez Sara Gómez - Carla
    Esther Lara Esther Lara - Lucía
    Alberto Jo Lee Alberto Jo Lee - Cocinero Oriental
    Aitor Legardón Aitor Legardón - Kabuki 1
    Paco Manzanedo Paco Manzanedo - Matarife
    Elisa Matilla Elisa Matilla - Paola Bardón
    Rebeca Moreno Rebeca Moreno - Lola
    Guillermo Pardo Gil Guillermo Pardo Gil - El Acompañante
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