» » Gabby's Wish (2012)

Short summary

Gabby Burkshire wealthy and a world traveler, has lost touch with her family. Now in her fifties, she's widowed, sick, and dying. With no children, she invites her extended family to her home for a short visit to become reacquainted and identify an heir for her fortune. She soon discovers how much her estranged family has lost touch with her, and with each other. Gabby becomes the eye of a storm that has them all dealing with unresolved issues, broken relationships, greed, backstabbing, and sadness. Gabby's Wish is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As each of their personalities clarifies around her, like details in a developing photo, who will she choose?

Cast overview, first billed only:
Catherine Johnson Catherine Johnson - Gabby
Adrienne King Adrienne King - Angela
Marcella Laasch Marcella Laasch - Elle
Jonathan McGinley Jonathan McGinley - Manning
Alicia Rose Alicia Rose - Poi
Alexander Fraser Alexander Fraser - Brian
Brian Sekafetz Brian Sekafetz - Gary
Daniel Knight Daniel Knight - Casey
Katie Michels Katie Michels - Josephine
Airisa Durand Airisa Durand - Heather
Erica Deffebach Erica Deffebach - Anne
Dylan Wayne Lawrence Dylan Wayne Lawrence - Parker
Kathleen Gheliuc Kathleen Gheliuc - Sheila
Derek Verhoest Derek Verhoest - Ralph
Bob Olin Bob Olin - Gerson
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