» » Welcome to Your Family (2010)

Short summary

In 2000, a small South American country suffered a massive wave of emigration. Those who couldn't find work at home went abroad, leaving behind homes, wives and husbands. They also left behind their children, often in the hands of grandparents. This character-driven documentary is the story of three Ecuadorian families who, after overcoming an arduous bureaucratic process with the Spanish government, manage to bring their husbands, wives and children to Barcelona. But reuniting after years apart is not as blissful as expected. Children are thrust into new lives and have to learn a new language (Catalan), couples who have lost their bonds struggle to see eye-to-eye and grandparents back home are suddenly left alone in their old age. In this classic, universal tale of immigration, what families will survive being together again and which will break apart?

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