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People Magazine Investigates: Cults explores shocking stories of ordinary people who, lured by promises of eternal life, get caught up in a terrifying web of abuse, deception, and manipulation. PEOPLE journalists cover the deeply disturbing world of cults through the eyes of survivors who managed to escape.

Series cast summary:
Theresa Croft Theresa Croft - Brenda 1 episode, 2018
Anna Andersen Anna Andersen - Kristel Leonard 1 episode, 2018
Jess Cagle Jess Cagle - Himself 1 episode, 2018
Dan Wakeford Dan Wakeford - Himself 1 episode, 2018
Sly Augustus Sly Augustus - Yahweh ben Yahweh 1 episode
Roger Hervas Roger Hervas - Cult member 1 episode
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