» » Home and Away Episode #1.5760 (1988– )

Short summary

Adam pays a surprise jail visit to Casey in an attempt to convince him Darryl doesn't care for Tamara, then calls equally startled big brother with a cruel dilemma: he must choose whether Rickie or Tamara is released. Jett has had enough of Palmer refusing to make up with Marilyn and tricks them to 'rescue' him together. It works, but they sort of reciprocate in lieu of punishment.

Episode cast overview:
Emily Symons Emily Symons - Marilyn Chambers
Lisa Gormley Lisa Gormley - Bianca Scott
Stephen Peacocke Stephen Peacocke - Darryl Braxton
Lincoln Younes Lincoln Younes - Casey Braxton
Dan Ewing Dan Ewing - Heath Braxton
Shane Withington Shane Withington - John Palmer
Will McDonald Will McDonald - Jett James
Teri Haddy Teri Haddy - Rosie Prichard
Martin Lynes Martin Lynes - Adam Sharpe
Clodagh Crowe Clodagh Crowe - Kerry Doyle
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