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Tamara is a girl who didn't quite fit in. Tamara is constantly picked on and when a couple of friends plays a joke on Tamara, it leads to her death. The friends bury her tries to make it seem that Tamara ran away. But all is not forgotten. Tamara reutrns as a sexy seductress and plans her revenge. (due to witchcraft). Well like they say: Karma's a bitch.

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Patrick's insult to Tamara early in the film, "trailer-trash whore", was ad-libbed by the actor. This was not in the script since writer Jeffrey Reddick himself grew up in a trailer.

The color red is scarce throughout the film. Its only presence is on Tamara.

In the original script, Chloe was a closeted lesbian

The photos of a young Tamara with her mother are actual photos of actress Jenna Dewan with her own mother.

The flashback scenes showing Mr. Riley's eyeball as he watches his wife leave through the keyhole, knock over the empty beer bottles and grab his crotch outside Tamara's door, are all stunts portrayed by the film's producer Chris Wiley.

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    • Author: Kesalard
    This is my first time posting, but I recently saw Tamara and after reading some of the hatin' on this board, I thought I'd add my opinion.

    People have already covered the story, so I'll just talk about the film . While it's not the best movie I've seen, it was a definitely a great way to spend 90 minutes. It had a sexy lead, some great kills and a wicked sense of humor. I'm definitely going to see it again.

    The good...

    I thought the story was well written and well paced. As a horror fan, I hate when people say something's not horror, but a psychological thriller...butthat's what this film was. Sure, we know Tamara's gonna get revenge on her tormentors. But instead of just killing them off with an axe or a knife, her revenge is more psychological. She toys with the other kids and gets back at them in ways I've never seen. I thought it was clever that she didn't just go around slaughtering them.

    Jenna Dewan, the actress who plays Tamara, does a great job. You feel sorry for her in the beginning and when she comes back...she's amazing. She's not just evil. She's sexy and fun...if it wasn't for the whole "back from the dead" thing, she'd be the perfect hottie. If Jenna isn't a star in the next few years, I'll eat my...well, I'll eat something I don't like. She does a great job.

    I thought the directing was good too. I'm so tired of seeing MTV-style movies that are cut so fast and shot so dark that you can't see what was going on. The film obviously had a low budget, but they made the best of it.

    The bad...

    The film's not perfect. People expecting a lot of blood and gore, will be disappointed. But the stuff that's there really works...the Roger scene is classic. Also, I'm not a perv, but since the story was so sexy, I would have liked to seen more skin. There's some scenes...both with the gore and the sex...where they could have gone a lot further.

    Some of the acting. Overall, I thought the acting was really good, but there were a pair of actors I didn't like. (I won't name names, because I don't get off on being nasty.)

    Overall, this was obviously a low budget movie, but I think it delivered the goods. It's much better than a lot of the big budget stuff I've seen (The Fog...) And for the dude who thought it should go direct to DVD....check out all of Lions Gate's direct to DVD crap. This movie kicks the sh*t out of them. Actually, aside from Saw and High Tension, I think this is the best genre film they've put out.

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    • Author: Berkohi
    I was fortunate to have seen an early screening of TAMARA and was quite impressed with the final result. The film is propelled by the star-making turns of its two leading female characters, Tamara (Jenna Dewan) and Chloe (Katie Stuart). Dewan is a real find, striking a terrific balance between pathos and horror. She makes quite an impact in her first starring role, and the fact that she's also quite stunning certainly does nothing to diminish her screen presence! Stuart's performance as the tragic do-gooder lends real weight and credibility to the film. It's a smart and sincere performance and not just another sassy-talking teen role that too often occupies this genre. The film is engaging throughout and provides some well-placed shock-and-gore to keep its pace humming along. Credit Jeff Reddick's screenplay for that- here's a film clearly written by someone who respects the genre. He never condescends to his audience, and just like in his film, FINAL DESTINATION, includes enough cleverly gruesome moments to ensure that the experience will memorable. While certain performances and scenes could have been tighter, all in all TAMARA makes for a solid entry in the horror genre and mercifully rises above the pack of overly slick (and perhaps overly sick) entries that horror fans have had to contend with as of late.
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    • Author: Sirara
    "Tamara" is a predictable-but-fun little teen horror flick, bolted together out of spare parts from films like "Carrie," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "The Craft," to name just a few. Our "heroine" (and I use that term loosely), Tamara (Jenna Dewan), is a homely high school nerd who dabbles in witchcraft in her spare time. She's got an unrequited crush on her hunky, sensitive English teacher (Matthew Marsden) and is constantly picked on by the "populars" in her school. After she writes an article for the school paper "outing" the football team as steroid users, they naturally want to get back at her so they set up a particularly cruel prank where they make her think she's going to hook up with Hunky Teacher Guy at a local hotel. Naturally the naive Tamara is less than thrilled to find out that she's been fooled, and while struggling with her tormentors, she hits her head on a coffee table and dies. In true Horror Movie fashion, the Populars decide to simply bury her in the woods, swear to tell no one what happened, and move on.

    Imagine their surprise when Tamara simply sashays back into to school the next day as if nothing has happened, seemingly having gone through an Extreme Undead Hottie Makeover in the meantime. The "new" Tamara appears sweet enough at first, but quickly sets out to get revenge on the gang who wronged her, in the most brutal fashion possible. One kid recreates the "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Say No Evil" mantra with a razor knife, her abusive dad eats glass, a b*tchy cheerleader type vomits her guts out, etc., etc. Of course, Tamara's ambitions also extend to true happiness with her teacher, which means she has to get rid of his wife too. Will true love triumph over vengeance from the grave? OK, so "Tamara" is not a great movie by any means, but it is fun to watch. Jenna Dewan looks pretty hot even when she's supposed to be an Ugly Duckling in the first quarter of the film, but after she returns from the grave -- damn! The rest of the young cast perform their roles as obnoxious cannon fodder well enough, and the flick has decent production values and just the right amount of gore and nastiness. If you can get over the inherent silliness of it all, "Tamara" is a fun ride for B-horror fans.

    "Tamara" gets an "A" for eye candy, a "C" for originality, and a "B-" for execution. Worth a look if you can find it cheap, like I did.
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    • Author: Qudanilyr
    Don't you just hate it when this happens? Now that you finally found yourself a gorgeous looking high school sweetheart, she turns out to be a murderous witch, capable of making you eat glass beer bottles with the touch of her hand! Damn! But Tamara has some very good reasons to be this cranky. The popular crowd at school tricked her into believing that the handsome and beloved English teacher has finally fallen for her, too, and set up a whole fake meeting in a sleazy hotel room. That's a pretty good reason to get rancorous already but, on top of that, they also accidentally killed her, buried her body in the woods and made a pact to keep it a secret. Thanks to several puberty years of casting spells, Tamara rises from the dead like a gorgeous babe with exclusively vengeance on her mind. First and foremost, I think it's hilarious how these movies portray the so-called "unattractive" girl. Tamara was never ugly to begin with, so simply combing her hair and wearing a push-up bra already turns her into a teenage sex bomb! "Tamara" isn't a very good horror film, mainly because it lacks originality and surprises. A big list of horror movies, which featured similar plots before, promptly comes to mind: There's "Carrie" (of course), but also "The Craft", "I know What You Did Last Summer" and even a bit of "I Spit On Your Grave". There's few to no tension in the script, although I do have to admit that the film actually was a lot gorier than I expected it to be. The playful deaths Tamara has in mind for her enemies are quite ingenious and close to being pure splatter. One poor sucker, for example, commits suicide live on school-TV whereas a girl pukes up gallons of blood. The acting performances are far above average, especially the females are good, and Jenna Dewan is definitely a promising talent to keep an eye on. Overall, this surely isn't a memorable new horror movie, but it never bores you and it's at least as good (if not better) than most big-budgeted Hollywood productions that receive theater-releases.
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    • Author: Aedem
    I don't really comment on these websites ever, but after logging onto IMDb to see when this movie was coming, I was surprised to see all these negative and mean-spirited reviews and thus felt compelled to write something positive.

    First let me say, I'm a horror fan, not an expert by any means, but I like a good horror film as much as the next guy.

    Secondly, I actually saw the movie at the NYC Horror Film Festival, where the movie got a standing ovation. Let me repeat that: The movie got a STANDING OVATION. And from what I understand, this was the only time this movie has screened thus far, so I wish someone could please explain to me how and where all these negative reviewers saw it. Everyone in New York seemed to love it. There's no way all these people writing negative stuff could've seen the movie as there were only 300 or so people in the audience and everyone loved it. Remember the standing ovation? I do.

    Regardless of what these frauds have written, the movie was good. I'm certainly not claiming it was the greatest or scariest film ever made, but it was certainly a good, fast moving, hide- your-face in your hands movie.

    The lead actress was hot, and moved from "put upon" to "tough" very well. In addition to having a great body, she was self-assured and sexy. The other girls were hot as well.

    The horror beats were scary and the movie had enough tension and mystery to keep me interested the whole time. There were also some great scares, original kills, and a few great gory moments.

    Look for the scene where Tamara emerges from the grave -- I was freaked out.

    Compared to a lot of the clichéd, over-the-top-gore out there, Tamara stood out as a good movie. It has a story and some excellent tension. Sexy and scary (and hot high school chicks) in one movie -- my kind of flick.
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    • Author: Friert
    Jenna Dewan did such an amazing job as Tamara. The rest of the cast, which includes Melissa Elias as Kisha, and Chad Faust as Jesse were also incredible. This movie has enough blood, gore, and action to keep any horror buff like me 100% satisfied!! The death scenes are very original and one in particular actually managed to gross me out, (which is very hard to do). Congratulations to all of the cast and crew. And thank you Lions Gate films for once again seeing the potential of another great horror movie. If you see Tamara at your video store- rent it!! You won't be sorry. Turn off the lights, make some popcorn, and get ready to be scared.
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    • Author: Jox
    Tamara is the very poor man's "Carrie". The film treads very similar territory to De Palma's horror classic but shares none of that great movie's insight or relentless rage. Both films have high school bullying and revenge as their central themes but that is where the similarities end. "Carrie" expertly placed the viewer in the protagonist's shoes and made you squirm along with her through every sordid humiliation. Tamara, on the other hand, transforms its titular heroine into a serial-killing bimbo, complete with some admittedly rather amusing one-liners. While Tamara completely misses the mark as the hard hitting revenge horror movie it so obviously aims to be, it does succeed as one of the most irreverent, tasteless and funny American teen horror films of the past few years.

    The tone of the film is set from the very first scene in which Tamara daydreams about having sex with her teacher during English class. This is a film that is unashamedly low brow. Tamara is depicted as the typical high school outcast. She's a mousy nerd who does incredibly stupid things like writing articles about the football team's drug use. Tamara is so clueless that you almost hope someone will knock some sense into her. This feeling only grows stronger when Tamara tries to kiss her English teacher, Mr Natolly. His rejection results in Tamara using her powers of witchcraft to cast a love spell - conveniently, Tamara has a book of spells and pagan altar in her loft. The spell only works after Tamara is accidentally killed by some of her classmates when a surprisingly nasty practical joke goes wrong. Just when the film appears to have taken on a more serious, gritty tone, Tamara turns up to school as mini-skirt wearing hottie and begins to wreak her revenge.

    From the moment Tamara returns from grave as a satanic Barbie doll, the film stops trying to scare and basically becomes a gory comedy. This is the section of the film that appealed to me the most. The murders are bloody and innovative, while Tamara's new super-bitch persona makes her a memorable horror villain. The best murders include Tamara giving new meaning to the old "hear, say, see no evil" adage and a death by beer bottle moment. As well as inflicting violence, Tamara uses her evil powers of persuasion to full advantage. In one of the funniest and most unusual scenes in mainstream horror, Tamara gets her revenge on two date-raping jocks by making them have sex with each other. Tamara's campy "pitcher/catcher" commentary is destined to become a thing of cult adoration. Clearly at the top of her game, Tamara also memorably makes a bulimic girl vomit her internal organs up and then makes her insatiably hungry - to the point where she starts chewing off her fingers. That's what I call entertainment.

    As the film moves to its irrational finale, it begins to lose some momentum. When the focus of the film moves from Tamara to Mr Natolly, it automatically reverts to the standard teen horror formula. Nevertheless, the finale does at least include another great one-liner. In fact, the film is distinguished by its unusually strong, if uneven, script. The dialogue is surprisingly funny and sections of the film are very innovative. Tamara is only let down by its inconsistency and lack of cohesion. The film works very well intermittently but there are just as many flat spots. Another disappointment is the poor quality of the special effects. The digital effects look cheap and unconvincing. The gore effects are slightly better but still sub-standard. Jeremy Haft's direction is competent but often uninspired. This description could also apply to the actors. The exception is the lead, Jenna Dewan. Jenna makes the transition from mouse to sexy super-bitch with the utmost ease. I would like to see this woman in a straight comedy. She makes Tamara a very amusing psycho indeed.

    It's no surprise that Tamara died a miserable death at the box office. The film is a messy mix of horror sub-genres. Tamara is too quirky for fans of lite-horror and nowhere near dark enough for gore lovers. Hopefully, the film will find an audience on DVD. Tamara might be a mess, but it has enormous camp appeal and is well and truly a cut above the usual teen horror movie. This film is a trashy delight.
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    • Author: Hellstaff
    i didn't know what to expect from this movie, some say its crap and others say it's a great movie. well now that i've seen it i can tell that this is not a bad movie at all. OK, it's like a mix of, i know what you did last summer/carrie/scream with a little dip of witchcraft. but that didn't bother me because the movie was exciting, and kept me interested from beginning to end. it's filled with high school horror clichés and so on but in this movie it all felt right.

    the actors ain't class A actors of course but it was acceptable. compared with other horror not bad at all actually. the only thing i didn't really liked about the movie is the balance between tension/ excitement and gore. the movie had his 2 or 3 moments of gore but it could have been more in my opinion. and the actors where the usual goodlookin American high school horror movie persons.

    final verdict: just watch it and see for you're self. it ain't the best out there but at least you'll have a good movie to watch. it will keep you on the tip of you're chair for the full one and a half hour. (or at least a good way to spend the one and a half hour. )
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    • Author: OwerSpeed
    Tamara is an unattractive, unpopular, abused girl in her high-school years. She has a crush on her teacher, Mr. Bill Natolly, and she likes witchcraft. When his teacher publishes her article about the use of steroids by the high-school athletes in the school newspaper expecting to improve her self-esteem, the matter indeed puts the students against Tamara. Three classroom mates use three other silly students to play a prank with Tamara, but they accidentally kill her. Due to a spell, Tamara returns from death and plots a lethal evil revenge against the group, and tries to take Bill from his beloved wife, since there is a bond between Bill and Tamara due to the witchcraft.

    This fairly unoriginal movie is actually quite a treat. Even though its premise has been used in many other films before, Tamara seems to pull it off as something new, something we'll stick around and watch.

    The acting is for the most part average. The lead jock was probably the worst, clichéd character you could find. Really, most of the characters all follow the usual hum-drum formula. Jenna Dewan definitely stands out and fills her roll nicely. Though you have to admit, just before she died she was already looking quite sexy. So even though she looked her best after she "dies", she looked better than most girls in the movie moments before her passing away.

    Anyways, there are some decent death scenes in this one which was surprising. I wasn't expecting that a couple of these could closely rival something out of "Saw". The gore effects used are pretty standard but work well and there's no unbelievably fake CGI thrown in to ruin it. The death scenes are the attraction of the movie except of course for the "sexy" Tamara.

    Something that raised my score a little is that it wasn't just a revenge movie. It did throw in some drama and even romance to the mix. She didn't just come back to torture those who accidentally killed her because of their stupidity. She came back for love as well. Though the situation rarely arises, there is some good chemistry working between Tamara and her teacher (I mean, as actors).

    Jenna Dewan, though very attractive, manages to bring out the evil side well in Tamara. She doesn't try to cringe her face to look evil, she just has this smile that whenever you see it, you know she's thinking of something really naughty, whether its good or bad. Especially during her first scene back at class after her death and the conversation she had with her teachers' wife.

    It runs out of steam near the end, especially since Tamara goes off-screen for quite some time when they should be climaxing the movie, not slowing it down. As long as you can handle a cliché'd movie, you're going to have a bit of fun with this one. It reminds me a lot of "The Rage: Carrie 2". If you dig that flick, I doubt you'll have a hard time getting into this one.

    It's one of the better teen horrors as of late in my opinion.
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    • Author: Puchock
    Tamara (Jenna Dewan) is an unattractive and not popular abused girl in a high-school. She has a crush on her literature teacher, Mr. Bill Natolly (Matthew Marsden), and she is fascinated by witchcraft. When his teacher publishes her article about the use of steroids by the high-school athletes in the school newspaper expecting to improve her self-esteem, the matter indeed puts the students against Tamara. Three classroom mates use three other silly students to play a prank with Tamara, but they accidentally kill her. Due to a spell, Tamara returns from death and plots a lethal evil revenge against the group, and tries to take Bill from his beloved wife.

    "Tamara" is a good horror and high above average teen movies. The excellent and promising beginning is very original; there is a kind of attractive eroticism with the character of Tamara; and the special effects are very good. Unfortunately, in a determined moment, there are the common clichés of horror movies. Further, in the hospital we do not see a living soul, only Tamara chasing the other fellows, and no staff, doctor, nurse, patients, guards or whatever. The dark conclusion saves the story, making the difference. Just as a curiosity, there are nine (9) matches in the filter "Loved it", all of them made by users with ONLY ONE review in IMDb. Coincidence? I do not believe. Indeed, I found that this procedure is very usual in IMDb, with people making a fake promotion of certain films. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Tamara"
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    • Author: Glei
    We rented this movie this week. As soon as it started I recognized the plot. Hollywood isn't ashamed to recycle plots, believe me. It was a made-for-TV movie in 1973, co-written by Joan Rivers. TGMLT was brilliant and starred Stockard Channing as a friendly college girl who wants to be liked by the handsome frat boys and pretty sororiety sisters. She's a bit overweight and sort of average looking. It's almost a mirror plot. Homely girl ridiculed by the in crowd, and later on, she gets her revenge on everyone. Even TGMLT had Stockard getting revenge one by one, just like Tamara. Don't get me wrong, Tarama was modernized, sleek, and they even threw in black magic to spice things up. The plot was fast-paced and had good-looking young actors and actresses in it. But if you all want to see the original, ripped-off plot, get "The Girl Most Likely To." You can buy it on DVD. Go look at the postings for TGMLT and you will see where to buy it and other viewer comments. I guess they thought nobody would remember something 34 years old but I did.
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    • Author: Anasius
    i am working at a video store so i got to see this one for free- thank god, had i paid for it my review would be less forgiving.

    well, the major idea of the film (geeky girl takes bloody revenge) isn't all that original, there are several parallels to "carrie" (playing a mean practical joke on a loser, except for one nice girl that is actually sorry for her, tamaras and carries bad family background). i still think it's a fun idea for trashy teen horror flick unfortunately they didn't take much advantage of the potentials that are here and rather put an emphasis on all the wrong things.

    what worked: i liked the actress that played tamara. she looked great (when she was hot) and her catty lines were fun ("Sean can't come to the phone. he's f**king patrick!").

    what didn't work: the whole wicca thing was silly. i generally prefer rational explanations (she could have ploted the whole thing with her teacher or one of the boys to get her revenge). there were a lot of logical wholes and the gore looked really bad (when the boy is cutting of his ear and his tongue- please!!!)

    the whole idea wasn't bound for Oscar buzz, but i just think they wasted the comedic and the suspenseful potential they had. it was bearable but far from good!
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    • Author: black coffe
    I saw this movie, and I do like horror movies.

    I did not know what to expect, but as soon the movie was on his way it was nice to watch it. The idea was pretty original and the acting was nice. Especially Jenna Dewan as the exciting/evil Tamara.

    The hardest thing about horror movies, is to make a good ending. But there the movie failed. For a change, a end-scene in a hospital, where suddenly all employees are gone. First you see doctors and nurses running around, but then they all went home?

    No cries for help while being chased by Tamara, Escaping to the roof (also a smart move...not) and off course a kind of open ending.

    No....the movie started great, the main part was nice to watch, but they really messed up the ending using all clichés from bad horror movies. Jeffrey Reddick failed in my eyes with this movie, after making some really quality movies like Final Destination 1 and 2.

    If you like a good horror full of cliché endings, Tamara is a good movie to watch. For me, I like movies which surprise me.
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    • Author: Funny duck
    "Tamara" is about a teenage outcast. She is ridiculed constantly by her classmates, lives with a drunken father, and has a crush on her English teacher. When some fellow peers decide to play a big prank on Tamara at a motel late one night, the poor girl is accidentally killed, her head smashed onto the corner of a table. The group of popular high-schoolers decide to bury the body and never speak of the incident again. But the following day, Tamara is back at school, with a completely new style, a major change from the mousy outcast she used to be. Little did the teens know, Tamara practices witchcraft, and now her soul is hell-bent on taking bloody revenge on those who wronged her.

    If you were expecting something original, you probably won't want to look here. The basic premise of the movie is a complete rip-off of "Carrie", and the whole witchcraft, rising from the dead thing reminded me a bit of "Pet Sematary". The story was overused, and the acting wasn't great either. The teens who accidentally kill Tamara speak after the accident as if they didn't just kill someone, and seem a little too comfortable with the fact that they just buried her body out in the woods. The film lacks any shocks or suspense, which is a major negative in a movie of this type, and the script wasn't at the best quality either.

    Bottom line is, this movie isn't anything new. It's your basic "return from the dead" teenage revenge movie, basically more recycled supernatural teen stuff. Kind of like "Carrie" mixed with "Pet Sematary", but not even half as good as either of those films. Don't go out of your way to see it, unless you are really, really interested. 5/10.
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    • Author: Coiril
    This is the first review I allow myself to write here on IMDb. I feel obligated as a human being to warn people against seeing this film. It is based on a formula, that is tired and utterly without any ambition at all. I am, and have been a fan of horror movies since I came to my wits. Tamara is one of those movies that has absolutely NOTHING. It doesn't have a heart, soul, compassion or any of the things that makes a movie worth watching. The characters are as inventive and fruitful as cockroaches. As a matter of fact I think I would enjoy more seeing a documentary about how cockroaches socialize, than I enjoyed even anything any of the characters of Tamara did or said. Not only do the characters have the IQ of cockroaches, but the actors come across being devastated about this chapter in their acting career. For people that like the typical high school, with the typical boring bullies, and the typical boring revenge, this is the film to see. I promise even those who like this kind of mindless formula that they are in for a big disappointment, that will ruin their entire evening.
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    • Author: Jothris
    TAMARA isn't a horrible film - it just isn't anything that you haven't already seen from any number of teenage-high-school-witchcraft-revenge films before. One or two decent gore scenes help things a bit - but the glaringly noticeable lack of any sort of nudity from any of the smokin' female leads is unforgivable...

    The story is one you've all seen/heard before - Tamara is the uber-geek ugly-duckling sexually-abused witchcraft-dabbling high-school student who is in love with her English teacher and is picked on relentlessly by the "cool" kids. When Tamara writes a revealing article for the school paper exposing steroid use amongst the jock athletes, the "cool kids" decide to play a prank on her. Of course this turns out all wrong, Tamara dies, comes back to life through some witchcrafty nonsense and exacts revenge on those that scorned her...

    Pretty cookie-cutter stuff if you ask me, and unfortunately, this one doesn't bring anything to the table that THE CRAFT, or CARRIE, or any other similar film didn't already beat to death thoroughly. There are a few decent gore scenes including a cool hypnotically controlled self-mutilation, and a decent blood-vomiting scene, other than that - nothing too notable. I was aware that there wasn't any nekkidness in this one as I was tipped off ahead of time - but the lack of skin in this one is still borderline criminal...what a waste of some primo sluts. On the plus-side - the acting isn't horrible and at least the film isn't chock-full of the typical cringe-worthy one-liners that you see in most of these films. Overall - I can't say it did much for me, but it's worth a rent maybe...6/10
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    • Author: DarK-LiGht
    Tamara is pretty much a Carrie rip-off, even the poster art is almost identical. Whether it was intended to be original or not, I'm not sure, but with a few less clichés and a bit more character development, this could have been a film like May, smart and scary, and eccentric. Perhaps this film is a 'takes one to know one' kind of story. socially troubled girls, may find this emotional but everyone else will see Tamara as what it is, a sexy, but shallow horror movie.

    Tamara Riley becomes the most hated girl in school after she writes a news paper article which rats out a number of her school mates in a certain way. One night, a bunch of them play a nasty prank on her, but things go wrong and she is accidentally killed. In the panic, they bury her body in the woods, but somehow she comes back from the dead, more cunning and sexy than before, and with a mind for revenge.

    The trick to enjoying the movie is whether or not you feel engaged enough to root for the protagonist. She was done a major injustice but she is also doing injustice to others. The sex appeal of Tamara is really secondary. Tamara is nothing more or less than amusing in a twisted way, but if you want a similar movie that actually gets you thinking, watch May.
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    • Author: Hiclerlsi
    When this movie was first released, a review suggested it was too tame. Not because of lack of nudity or excessive gore, the former is not really obligatory and the latter can be counterproductive, but because it didn't really take its nasty revenge story to the next level. This includes one involving a forced homosexual encounter against a guy who takes advantage of women (a good touch, but lamely done here).

    The movie is basically a revenge flick. Think Carrie 2 with a few changes. Fair enough as far as it goes, and as one review noted, flows pretty well. And, there is a few creative touches, like indirect violence. Her sudden appearance after being assumed dead comes off well -- one is surprised. Still, a few too many clichés, including the "oh it's only a dream" bit. The sudden change from geeky introvert to confident babe is also a bit boring -- very little complexity there. The way she dies, however, is somewhat interesting.

    The movie as a whole looks pretty good and is credibly put together. When dealing with lesser horror movies that are mostly seen on t.v. and rented, this is also a net plus. Overall, a bit superior to standard fare, but not by too much.
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    • Author: VizoRRR
    wow. I've seen plenty of bad horror movies, and this ranks up there with the worst of them. The cast can't act, because they deliver their lines like porno actresses do, badly. And just like porn, the lines are almost an afterthought, but as least in porn there's a payout at the climax. In horror movies, the payout has to be a gory death, and there is at least one in this movie, but one death amongst all the bad dialogue does not a good movie make. The studio WAS going to release this straight to video, but because of internet "BUZZ", they're going to give it a theatrical release in Feburary. Can i start enough of a buzz to send it BACK to video???
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    • Author: Adrielmeena
    The plot according to the makers:

    Tamara, an unattractive girl, who is picked on by her peers returns after her death as a sexy seductress to exact revenge.

    The real plot:

    A hot girl wearing sloppy clothes is picked on by about everyone in her school, cause wearing sloppy clothes and looking at the floor a lot makes you a freak. After an unfortunate accident caused by very bad acting, she dies. The next day she's back with a whole new wardrobe, and any intelligence previously hinted at replaced by blood-lust and a wonder bra. She kills the people who were there when she died (reponsible or not, who cares) with bad special effects, all the while practicing on that evil look in your eyes that seems to elude so many grade B actors. And then it ends, and that's a good thing.

    Things I learned from watching this movie:

    • A single woman can easily kill two teenage boys coming after her with knives. This may seem unbelievable, but the woman crippled her feet first to make the fight seem fair. - If you're all powerful, better let clumsy teenage boys do the difficult parts for you. - The hospital is not a good place to get stabbed, cause there are no doctors there. - There are no ugly girls. Just very hot girls with poor choice in clothing (they still shave their legs and whiten their teeth, though)
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    • Author: Pryl
    Tamara was just an okay film. It played like Carrie meets I Know What You Did Last Summer. Tamara is a put upon girl in love with her teacher. The popular kids design a plan to humiliate her but things go wrong and she ends up dead. Luckily, Tamara practices witchcraft and she returns from the grave to get her revenge. There are familiar elements that fans will recognize. The scares and shocks are familiar but well done and effects are gruesome without being over the top. There is a certain amount of class to the film and that's what elevates it above the rest of the pack of low budget flicks. Other than some poor acting by some of the leads, my only real complaint about the film is that it is too derivative. What few surprises there are, are overshadowed by the familiarity of it all. Nice try though.
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    • Author: Yggfyn
    So Tamara's a teen witch, geeky and unpopular. I get the feeling she's got every episode of Charmed on videotape. She's got a schoolgirl crush on one of her teachers, and he convinces her to write a story for the school newspaper about how the jocks are using steroids (This might have worked a little better if I hadn't just seen the identical plot setup in Urban Legends Bloody Mary a couple of weeks earlier). Of course, this causes them to pull a prank on poor Tammy, and for some reason I can't quite fathom, they decide to invite three total strangers along for the fun. "Hi, you've never met me, but I'm surfer dude. You dude's wouldn't happen to be planning a party where you pull a prank on a girl and, in a shocking turn of events, she winds up dead, would you? Dude! Can I come? And can I bring this chick along too? And how about this other geek dude you've never talked to before, can he come too? Awesome!!!" Anyhow, they trick Tammy into thinking that the teacher she's got the crush on wants to meet her in a hotel room. When she arrives, she finds only a note telling her to get undressed, and he'll be there in a minute to have sex with her. So, she anxiously strips to her undies and jumps in bed. Oh yeah, real believable. Up to this point she was timid, shy and geeky. Now she's stripping and hopping into bed to have sex without so much as a second thought. After the prank is pulled on her, she eventually bumps her head on a small wooden table and falls instantly dead. The bad kids and their total stranger pals have a completely unconvincing conversation about how they need to cover it all up, and so Tamara is tossed in a shallow grave. At this point she immediately comes back to life and starts killing them, but then surfer dude's girlfriend wakes up and it turns out to have only been a dream. Well, the stuff with her coming back to life was a dream, but apparently the rest of it actually happened. The next day, in another startlingly original turn of events, Tamara shows up good as new, and now she's dressed kinda slutty.

    What really drags this movie down is the acting. None of the characters have any real, human-like personality, at best they have an attitude which could be fully summed up in three words or less, and that attitude is the entire breadth and depth of their personalities. I never got the feeling I was watching actual people, I got the feeling I was watching actors doing a lousy job of portraying people. It didn't help that every line of dialogue was aimed at forwarding the plot, with none of it really contributing to giving these people any depth. This makes a lot of the scenes in the movie come off as totally unconvincing, because these people wouldn't do these things. Fully developed characters with some depth to them might do these things, but these folks are just going through the motions.

    So you've got characters that might as well die, or live, who cares? And no real excitement generated by their constant running around. You've got no T&A (they actually have a scene in the girls' locker room where everyone is fully dressed), minimal gore, a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense and you don't care that it doesn't make sense. Just skip it. Get any of the Prom Night movies, or Urban Legends Bloody Mary, or even Cherry Falls instead. They're all fairly similar as far as plot, but they actually have honest-to-goodness characters that you can care about and sympathize with, unlike the paper thin attitude emoters you've got here.
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    • Author: Lailace
    You know what I loved about this movie- beyond the B-movie self mockery- I mean a meat tenderizer versus a cookie sheet (c'mon!) . . .

    I loved that the character was totally in touch with her sexuality, and most of all loved that she made two jocks do it with each other while she watched. I couldn't have begged for greater revenge from the gods. I wish it was more graphic, of course- how many times do I have to see chicks swapping spit for men's benefit.

    The creepy father, the toying with high school witchcraft, yada yada yada- we have all seen it before. You have to establish what type of film this is.

    I especially like the Tamara, a hot 25 year old- can get revenge on all the characters that make my life miserable.

    Tamara is a great movie to watch with an audience, just like Snakes.
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    • Author: Bulace
    Just finished watching it, it's like "Carrie" meets "The Craft" meets "I know what you did last summer. This is quite a twisted but enjoyable horror flick. Definitely better than what the low rating suggests. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Tamara is a shy, hot girl that is trying to be a powerful witch. She runs a paper on a steroids scandal in the school. The loser jocks plan to teach her lesson by making a prank in which she thinks she is meeting her Professor, Mr. Natolly, for a late night rendezvous.

    The losers end up taping this but when she fights back, she gets killed in a freak accident. The losers try to cover up the incident but Tamara shows up the next day in class, apparently coming back from the dead literally (shown nicely through a lot of surreal imagery and effects).

    Eventually Tamara is now a powerful witch and plots her revenge on them.....This is a pretty well acted, nasty, gore filled movie with lots of suspense and scary scenes.

    I liked it overall. Jenna Dewan as "Tamara" is hot, hot, hot. She does the role like the way Sissy Spacek did "Carrie" many years ago, except she turns herself into a vixen. She gets her revenge in quite vicious ways, often using her victims pin cushions and voodoo dolls. Jenna handles the role very, very well, and she is very convincing and entertaining as the vengeful Tamara.

    It's in limited release in the theater but I think it's worth a rental if you seen this on video or DVD, especially if you're into horror.
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    • Author: Vizuru
    this "tamara" thing could be a good "carrie"-like story: she's a shy and lonely high-school girl, going through some family problems and most of all, hated by school people. initially, tamara doesn't have any mental powers (as carrie), but she's into wicca/witchcraft. after dying tragically, she returns to kill her mean colleagues and to claim the love of ugly "teacher natolly".

    it's funny the way she really IS a loser. some stereotyped football players make an evil plan to get her really embarrassed (but she ends up almost dead, as i said), and there goes tamara being a total idiot. i felt ashamed by how ridiculous the story goes after this point.

    even i don't really give credit to the Hollywood-amount-of-visual-effects, the FX on "tamara" seem like made on the 80's. they're really really really really BAD. that would be funny on "trash - indie" movies (original, humorous or so what), but here it's just disappointing.

    besides, the acting is awful. "reborn evil tamara" is annoying, vulgar and fake. the witchcraft AND the teen scenario, also presented on movies like "the craft" (much better and fun), are a joke. there are boring fight scenes. the dialogues are bad. the deaths are bad. the idea is bad. the ending is probably the worst i have ever seen.

    there's no reason to watch this movie. let tamara rest in peace. :]
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Jenna Dewan Jenna Dewan - Tamara Riley
    Katie Stuart Katie Stuart - Chloe
    Chad Faust Chad Faust - Jesse
    Bryan Clark Bryan Clark - Shawn
    Melissa Marie Elias Melissa Marie Elias - Kisha (as Melissa Elias)
    Gil Hacohen Gil Hacohen - Patrick
    Marc Devigne Marc Devigne - Roger
    Matthew Marsden Matthew Marsden - Bill Natolly
    Claudette Mink Claudette Mink - Alison Natolly
    Chris Sigurdson Chris Sigurdson - Mr. Riley
    Sarah Blondin Sarah Blondin - Freshman Girl #1
    Magally Zelaya Magally Zelaya - Freshman Girl #2
    Ernesto Griffith Ernesto Griffith - Cop #1
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