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An ex-cop is hired to track down a serial killer who carries out his killings according to Bengali poetry.
Several murders have taken place through out the city of Kolkata. A Serial killer is believed to be responsible. The mods operandi being that the killer always caries out the murder according to verses in Bengali poetry. He leaves behind the verses next to the victim. The police are baffled. There lead detective struggles to solve the case. This leads to his superiors deciding to bring back an ex-cop to help solve the case. The ex-cop was suspended for orchestrating a fake encounter and is well known for his bad temperament. Now the ex-cop and the lead detective must work together to catch the serial killer before another innocent loses his life.

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Director Cameo: Srijit Mukherjee appears in the scene where the lead detectives are having coffee at a Terrace Cafe. The detectives have to borrow Srijit's laptop who is sitting on a different table leading to a sullen looking Srijit in the last shot.

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    • Author: fightnight
    Baishe Srabon, a magnificent movie with simple script but holds you in your seats. Every actor is mind-blowing, and talking about Prosenjit- never once in my mind had I thought that he would be such a pleasure to watch. Prosenjitda is really talented. His acting skills -(minus) his dramewali crying and 'tollywood style' revenge = a perfect blend. And the movie was worth watching, a real pleasure. A movie that talks about obsession. I promise that from next time onwards I will watch Prosenjitda's movie if he chooses scripts like this, and by 'I' , I mean every person who never thought that Prosenjit could act so flawlessly.
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    • Author: Jerdodov
    " Baise Srabon" ( 22nd Srabon) is Spell Bounding, Erratic, Obnoxious, Mind Crunching and Meaningful all in the right ways! From Direction to Editing, From Songs to Acting, from start to finish it keeps on changing its context! There is so much one can write about the movie, that every anecdote/every phrase/every adjective will fall short of praises! This movie has lot of apt literally influences which makes it all the more special! From the clue containing poetry of the eminent Bengali Poets to the right references of " hungry Movement" of 60's to establish the base of a character, everything is a master stroke.

    And on top of it, there is Prasenit, one has to put this movie as a cross reference for Method acting in Indian Cinema. He is such a vibrant performer which is so easy on the eye that most of the time we tend to neglect his abilities! After " Autograph" I was really thinking what difference can he do with this role and he justified his abilities perfectly.

    The next point of talk has to be Anupam Roy's Music! Spell Bounding! Each track is easy on the ear and is equally soulful and also meaningful! "Ekbar Bol, Gobheerey Jao and Ei Shrabon" are perfect examples of music blended with lyrical poetry! Any Blemishes! Yeah, some sub plots are unwanted! could have made the movie ten minutes shorter. Also Raima is wasted to an extend! LAstly, go watch this one! They don't make movies like that anymore! Nostalgia! aro gobheerey jao...........................
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    • Author: Niwield
    The enigmatic way bumba da act surprises me. Sometime he will act in so called typical 'Bengali' films made specifically for rural audience & then he will give these performances. I am really amazed. About others frankly speaking this is the first time I have liked pramabrata. Raima & Abir were good too. Overall it is a spotless movie, everything ranging from screenplay, music, cinematography, camera, acting, and story were near perfect. There are some bold dialog throwing in the movie and few incidence that will put smile in your face but in most of the parts you will be kept guessing what 's going to happen next. Parambrata is a top cop given charge to solve a serial killing. Now his is struck between his girlfriend who also happens to be Abir's best pal and his work. Prosenjit is a former cop with huge experience and when Parambrata and other officers fail to find out any information about the killer, he arrives at the scene to assist Kolkata Police. Will they be able to find out the killer. This remains the question ??
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    • Author: Foxanayn
    Writer-director Srijit Mukherjee's another masterpiece. Though this film is of the genre 'who-done-it' type thrillers, still there was enough drama and twists in the plot to keep you riveted to your seat. The film is a welcome change from the usual Indian musicals. Instead of stopping the pace of the movie, songs are used as background score and only used in parts in the movie. You have to purchase the soundtrack CD to listen to them in full. Excellent acting by veteran actor Prosenjit and special kudos to Goutam Ghosh for portrayal of the 'Hungryalist' poets of Kolkata of 50's. But Abhijit Pakrashi portrayed by Parambrata did not gel fit the requirements of brilliant and best inspector of Kolkata police department. He was a wimp who only can show anger in wrong places and flash his police badge to get undue advantages every now and then. In smaller roles Abir and Raima did excellent. Excellent music courtesy Anupam Roy. Bodhaditya Banerjee served justice with the scissors to match with the pace of the movie. Final Verdict - must watch!!
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    • Author: Reddefender
    With a watched movie list of around 1800, I sure nowadays can guess a crime thriller within half-time. But I was in for a shock. Or should I say pleasant surprise. Bengali movie is surely being resurrected. Every now and then, you will find a movie that's at par with national standards, if not international. The songs are outstanding, each one surpassing the previous, and aptly, the final end credits song, i.e., Gobheerey jao is the best. Now comes the best part. Am a die-hard Al Pacino fan. A few minutes back, I had a debate with a friend, who has not yet watched the movie. I just said, "It's pointless not giving credit to an actor just because he's Bengali. This performance is surely up there in my rating books beside Pacino's Colonel of Scent of a Woman." Dialogues of this movie are a class apart, with extraordinary subtle power, punched with dry sarcastic humor. Download, buy, go to theaters, do what you can, but take this from a guy who regularly watches Akira Kurosawa, Chris Nolan and sundry, you will regret watching a class act if you don't watch it.
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    • Author: Gozragore
    I had the good fortune of watching this movie on Television and was astounded by it's profoundness.

    The movie recounts the attempt of a frustrated Police Officer Probir Roy Choudhary (Prosenjit)to be accepted back in the Police Force. Abhijit Pakrashi (Parambarta) a young police officer has been asked to solve a series of murders carried out according to verses in Bengali Poetry. The verses allude to a period in Bengali poetry called "The Hungry Generation Movement"; a period characterized by rejection of conventional poetic canons and a return to the closeness of nature. Nibaron Chakraborty (Gautam Ghosh) is a struggling poet trying to keep the spirit of the Hungry Generation alive. Needless to say, this is a frustrated attempt as publishers continue to reject his offerings. The director keeps these two strands of stories moving at parallel tracks and towards the end a denouement occurs when the two tracks collide resulting in the young Police Officer understanding that to belong and be accepted can drive a person to taking flawed and morally ambiguous decisions.

    The movie doesn't give any easy answers. Both the main characters Gautam Ghosh and Prasenjit make brave attempts to stand out and be different but in the end are forced to compromise.

    A brave attempt and definitely deserves commendation for excellent story telling.
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    • Author: Mataxe
    I must say that it definitely scores over Srijit Mukherjee's last film 'Autograph'. It has some very bright performances from Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Abir Chatterjee and Rajesh Sharma. But one man who easily scores over everyone else is Goutam Ghose. He truly shines as the poetic-minded hardcore intellectual of a by-gone era. As for Parambrata I found it a little hard to imagine him as a tough cop. However his acting is believable.

    The plot has a couple of good surprises that are hard to predict. The story intermingles very well with the plot. The story-telling involves some non-linear sequences as well.(I would love to see more of these non-linear sequences in his future work)The screenplay is very bold. Its the first time I heard so much cursing in a Bangla film. However I still think that it needed a little more polishing(just my humble opinion).

    The cinematography is quite good and in a couple of scenes it really stands out. My personal favorite being the first scene where the director successfully captures the eeriness of a north-kolkata gully at night. The climax also has a very unique Ram Gopal Varma-ish kind of camera angle in it.

    All-In-All a considerably intelligent watch considering the usual play-with-your-emotions masala Bengali/Hindi fare.
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    • Author: Agrainel
    well, after watching a lot of Bengali movies, this film came as a pleasant surprise to me. Judging the film from its intensity, looks and specially MUSIC ,i would definitely say its a much better movie than some of the huge budget superhit bollywood films. The acting in this film has been good, but what steals your attention is the picturisation of the film. The film has a very good story line. Things to watch out for is the twist at the ending of the film apart from the macho unshaven Prosenjit using abusive language. But ,surely, once after watching the film you won't feel that you have been robbed of your time.
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    • Author: Jack
    A watchable film. Perhaps a bit too melodramatic at times,especially at the end. In general the plot is mostly predictable and a little flat. The good cop turning bad cop thing is a story we have seen in many many films and needs no new exponents but that is precisely what this film is about. The bright sparks are Gautam Ghosh's acting,which in all fairness was quite good and the soundtrack for the film which is pretty enjoyable. But that is mostly it and that's the problem. While it is a refreshing change to watch Ghosh's acting skills,its not what people go to watch a movie for..Everyone Else's acting is pretty mediocre and the direction,slack. Not a must watch at any rate but more of a film you should watch when you find you have nothing much else to do. Having said that,it is not a bad film,just that it could have been a lot better.
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    • Author: Gunos
    When you have a dramatic twist at the end, you need not lengthen it to make it even more dramatic, that is the only issue I have with this otherwise landmark movie in Bengali film industry. Just leave it with a shock effect on the audience, who come out of the theatres awestruck. Srijit already announced his arrival with Autograph, but with Baishe Srabon, a new star is born. The use of Hungryalist movement poetry and character, that initial scene through the dark of North Kolkata aisles, everything was to an absolute tee. Goutam Ghose was praiseworthy in his portrayal of the Hungryalist poet and is by far among the best of director turned actors these days. Srijit could himself take a leaf out of his book when he himself has a shot at acting. Prasenjit has come a long way since his early days with the Big Three (was the weakest in terms of acting compared to earlier compatriots Tapas and Chiranjeet), but he is as improved an actor as maybe an Akshay Kumar in Bolly. A 7.5/10.
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    • Author: Faell
    I'm not sure whether the educational aspects of the film regarding the history of poetry during the 60's (The Hungry Generation) made up for the fact that most of the characters motivations and actions seemed contrived.

    Injecting new life into the tired old "Serial killing investigated by jaded/alcoholic/retiring cop" is clearly going to be difficult at the best of times, but this film was too drawn out for it's own good.

    The performances were fine, but when (apart from one character) they are not given much of a script to work with in the first place then as another reviewer pointed out, then it feels a bit "flat".

    I probably missed nearly all the dry sarcasm that others referred to and the denouement seemed far fetched to me.

    ***************Spoilers Follow******************* I'll try not to spoil it too much here but the alcoholic ex-cop was the only character I thought was well written, but when he turned out to be what he was then I was left wondering about a few things: 1) The guy is so drunk when we're first introduced to him that it's hard to believe that he was capable of doing what he did. 2) The fact that he was an avid chess player and knew tons of poetry indicated that he was probably going to turn out to be what he was. 3) Don't they have any handwriting analysis in India? 4) Was he the other policeman's real father (the subs weren't good enough for me to fully work this out)? 5) You can be banned for life from the police force but then re-instated at the whim of a local inspector? ***************Spoilers End***********************

    Like I said: The subs weren't great so if I missed something then I'm sorry, but I think that Kahaani was a much better film in every respect.

    Cheers, Will
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    • Author: Pettalo
    Watched this movie a few days ago with huge expectation and it failed to match.All the actors acted well,script could have been better.In this script too many social and emotional angles were involved.The whole concept of revenge of the Suspended officer (played by Prasenjit Chatterji) was not justified.At the end we saw that,he is not complete psycho,as he has developed some emotional attachment with his teammate( played by Parambrat).If they only focus on solving the serial killing mystery with those poem riddles,it could have been awesome.Too many characters ,everyone has their own story.So,to enjoy a good movie,we want a focused plot not distractions.
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    • Author: sunrise bird
    This is the first Indian movie if have ever watch all of the way through - enticed to it by the IMDb rating.

    The basic premise is a of serial killings and the police work to try to find the culprit. Usually this kind of movie would have tense moments, a climactic end and hopefully some twists and turns along the way.

    Instead, this movie had three musical montages! Maybe these are prerequisites in modern Indian cinema. The first montage certainly had a wide variety o settings - far greater than the rest of the movie, or than were needed. Those montages felt strangely out of place to me. I half-expected the cast to start dancing.

    The acting also came across as over-blown - of a standard found in a low budget straight-to-DVD production. Again, and based on reading the other reviews, perhaps this is the approach taken in Indian cinema. It is reminiscent of silent movie stars.

    I won't reveal the ending - but that too felt like something out of that aforementioned DVD style.

    I enjoyed the basic premise and the cinematography. And I enjoyed some of the sights of India. Otherwise it was a mediocre experience with a flat ending.
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    • Author: Buzatus
    This movie is one time watchable.. But if you're a busy person then it gonna waste your timr. You will bored by flow of the movie. Pace of the movie is bit slow and too long. The main problem with film is its direction. He showed too many melodrama which weren't even related to the film. Plot is bit predictable & you know what is going to happen next. And it felt like the director just WANTED to make the movie lengthy. If you're a looking for suspense,thrill and mystery.. You will be disappointed as these things is missing from this film. And Bengali actors always do overacting, nothing to say about it.
  • Credited cast:
    Prasenjit Chatterjee Prasenjit Chatterjee - Probir Roy Chowdhury (as Prasenjit Chattopadhyay)
    Parambrata Chatterjee Parambrata Chatterjee - Abhijit Pakrashi (as Parambrata Chattopadhyay)
    Raima Sen Raima Sen - Amrita Mukherji
    Abir Chatterjee Abir Chatterjee - Shurjo Sinha (as Abir Chattopadhyay)
    Goutam Ghose Goutam Ghose - Nibaron Chakraborty
    Rajesh Sharma Rajesh Sharma - Amit Kr. Srivastav
    Sumit Samaddar Sumit Samaddar - Swapan
    Anindya Pulak Banerjee Anindya Pulak Banerjee - Debabrata Bhowmick
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Arindol Bagchi Arindol Bagchi - Constable at Graveyard
    Anandi Basu Anandi Basu - Maloti Kundu
    Reeta Basu Reeta Basu - Amrita's Mother
    Joyraj Bhattacharya Joyraj Bhattacharya - Rabindranath Moitra
    Samir Biswas Samir Biswas - Waiter
    Biswajit Chakraborty Biswajit Chakraborty - Public Prosecutor
    Kalyan Chatterjee Kalyan Chatterjee - Drunkard
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