» » Digimon Data Squad The Rise of RizeGreymon! (2006–2008)

Short summary

A new Ultimate level Digimon, Merukimon, crosses from the Digital World to the real world in search of Biyomon. Biyomon has become attached to Kristy. Marcus, Tomas and the rest of DATS battle Merukimon but he is too strong and he takes Biyomon back to the digital world. However, the memories of Kristy remain fresh for Biyomon, who vowed to always protect her. Now as a Champion Level, Aquilamon, he returns to the real world to deal with these persistent memories. Aquilamon digivolves into Garudamon as he tries to defeat Marus and Agumon. But this new digimon cannot remember his relationship with Kristy and actually attacks her! Although Kristy is unharmed, she is heartbroken that the digimon has forgotten her. Marcus is distraught over his inability to stop Garudamon and protect his sister. Summoning new found strength - and transforming Geogreymon into Rizegreymon - Marcus defeats Garudamon and returns him to his original form, that of the egg of Biyomon. A tearful Kristy shares a ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Quinton Flynn Quinton Flynn - Marcus Damon (voice)
Brian Beacock Brian Beacock - Agumon / GeoGreymon / RizeGreymon (voice)
Crispin Freeman Crispin Freeman - Thomas H. Norstein (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Yoshino 'Yoshi' Fujieda (voice)
Skip Stellrecht Skip Stellrecht - Gaomon / Gaogamon (voice)
Dorothy Elias-Fahn Dorothy Elias-Fahn - Lalamon / Sunflowmon (voice)
Jamieson Price Jamieson Price - Commander Richard Sampson (voice) (as Jamieson K. Price)
Kate Higgins Kate Higgins - Miki Kurosaki / Reporter (voice)
Stephanie Sheh Stephanie Sheh - Megumi Shirakawa (voice)
Sam Riegel Sam Riegel - Kudamon / Film Crew (voice) (as Sam Brent Riegel)
Melissa Fahn Melissa Fahn - Kristy Damon (voice)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Sarah Damon (voice) (as Mary E. McGlynn)
Kirk Thornton Kirk Thornton - Homer Yushima (voice)
Doug Stone Doug Stone - Director Hashima (voice)
Richard Epcar Richard Epcar - Merukimon (voice)
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