» » Digimon Data Squad Journey to the Sacred City (2006–2008)

Short summary

What's left of the Data Squad arrive at the Sacred City, but once inside, they realize they were tricked. Baronmon's promises of a party to welcome them was a lie. They're quickly captured and placed in an arena for punishment! There, they meet once again with an old DATS acquaintance who they thought missing, Yushima. But the sight of Cerberusmon puts damper on their reunion.With the help of Kamemon, Marcus gets free. The moment that he displays his DNA Charge, Baronmon realizes Marcus must be the son of Spencer Damon. Spencer is remembered for saving Eldradimon and revered among the Digimon of the Sacred City. Yoshi and Thomas are set free and a lavish banquet is served to truly celebrate their arrival. Unfortunately, celebrations are short-lived. Suddenly, a squad of Gizumon come to raid the City. Catastrophe is prevented thanks to the timely arrival of Keenan and Falcomon - who have also brought along with them allies in the form of many Ninjamon. Nearby, Kurata has upgraded his ...

Episode credited cast:
Quinton Flynn Quinton Flynn - Marcus Damon (voice)
Crispin Freeman Crispin Freeman - Thomas H. Norstein (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Yoshino 'Yoshi' Fujieda (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Brian Beacock Brian Beacock - Agumon / Geo Greymon (voice)
Susan Boyajian Susan Boyajian - Pixmon (voice)
Christopher Darga Christopher Darga - Ivan (voice)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Frigimon (voice)
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