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Uncle Pete is a faithful slave who helps his master escape by convincing the Yankees he has died of smallpox.
Captain Warren, of the Confederate Service, evades the pickets of the Union lines and almost takes his life in his hands to visit his young wife. He is greeted affectionately by her and the servants and is enjoying his stay when the house is surrounded by a number of Union soldiers, who have an intimation that he is in the house. He is thoroughly frightened and his wife is terrified. Uncle Pete, and aged servitor, possessed of an abnormal amount of acumen, takes matters in his own hands, being the only cool and collected person on the premises. He takes in the situation and matches his wits against the vigilance of the soldiers. Captain Warren is hustled upstairs by Uncle Pete and hastily placed in bed. The old negro procures paint and in a jiffy his master is made to resemble a man in the throes of an attack of smallpox. This done, the servant ushers in the soldiers with mock gravity, after coaching Captain Warren. They rush to his bedside to be informed that he is near death's door ...

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    • Author: Kinashand
    Uncle Peter was a negro. His master, a Southern officer, was in the homestead and his presence was surmised by the Union soldiers who discovered a C.S.A. cavalry glove on the doorstep. Uncle Peter's ruse was this: He gave out that the Confederate soldier had come home, but had died of smallpox. Uncle Peter, to make sure the ruse would work, ordered a coffin. The soldiers saw that this was securely nailed down. They left the room to dig a grave and the Confederate escaped. Uncle Peter weighted the coffin, which the soldiers took out and buried. The picture is interesting and amusing. - The Moving Picture World, October 28, 1911
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    Charles Arling Charles Arling - Captain Warren - a Confederate Officer
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