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Short summary

Shoko Takanashi is a former lawyer who had her license revoked. Prior to her disbarment, there were dark rumors that she punched her boss and that she was extorting in collaboration with organized gang. She persuades Masahiko Kyogoku, a university professor who is an attorney on paper only, to open Kyogoku Law Firm, and tells plausible lies to recruit lawyers and paralegals who are known to have problems. She orders them around like an arrogant demon, pushing forward towards achieving victory no matter how disadvantageous the litigation. Confronting them is Felix and Temma Law Firm, headed by Soichiro Tenma and lawyers Hayato Kaizaki and Minako Shiratori. Can the team of lawyers of lesser power led by Shoko achieve victory against the powerful elite lawyers? Furthermore, what was the reason Shoko was disbarred?

Series cast summary:
Yumi Adachi Yumi Adachi - Rie Ito 9 episodes, 2018
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa Yoshiyoshi Arakawa - Yuichi Baba 9 episodes, 2018
Kento Hayashi Kento Hayashi - Keita Aoshima 9 episodes, 2018
Masanobu Katsumura Masanobu Katsumura - Takashi Otaka 9 episodes, 2018
Fumiyo Kohinata Fumiyo Kohinata - Soichiro Tenma 9 episodes, 2018
Shôhei Miura Shôhei Miura - Akira Kayano 9 episodes, 2018
Osamu Mukai Osamu Mukai - Hayato Kaizaki 9 episodes, 2018
Risa Naitô Risa Naitô - Yuki Jinbo 9 episodes, 2018
Nanao Nanao - Minako Shiratori 9 episodes, 2018
Hideki Takahashi Hideki Takahashi - Masahiko Kyogoku 9 episodes, 2018
Ryôko Yonekura Ryôko Yonekura - Shôko Takanashi 9 episodes, 2018
Kan'ichirô Satô Kan'ichirô Satô - Akira Moriya 5 episodes, 2018
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