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A Las Vegas accountant runs off with his clients' money and waits for them to find him. Distracted by a call girl looking for a better life, he passes his final days falling in love with her. Written and directed by Robbie Moffat, the film shot in the deserts and mountains of Utah and stars Fernanda Romero, Jon Paul Gates, Marty Kove, Patrick Kilpatrick, Leslie Easterborook and Mike Genovese.

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    • Author: Pooker
    NUMBER RUNNER is another indie thriller from Scots director Robbie Moffat, with the twist being that he went over to Utah to shoot this movie. It has the template of the usual gangster thriller but it contains far less action and movement than expect, instead content to focus on the interactions of the central cast members. Veteran bad guy actors Martin Kove and Patrick Kilpatrick play in support, but the film is plagued by unconvincing accents and dialogue delivery and a dragged-out scenario with few plot elements.
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    • Author: interactive man
    I got a preview of this film and I was surprised by the appearance of some great American actors I'd been seen on screen and TV for most of my life. None of these actors are known for playing soft parts, but there they were out in the desert of Utah being nice to the two leads thinking them harmless. Then wham! Those nice characters of Harry and Ebony turn the tables and we've got a movie. The director is British so its not all bang- bang (the Brits like to use their cunning as they don't have firearms), but the on-off romance of the leading pair is as odd a coupling as you will find since My Cousin Vinnie. Fernando Romero turns in a sizzling performance as the the Mexican whore, while JP Gates, the dour accountant, tries his best to keep up with her scheming. In all, a good little movie made on a Hollywood shoe-string - something to watch for fun.
  • Cast overview:
    Jon-Paul Gates Jon-Paul Gates - Harry Gillespie
    Fernanda Romero Fernanda Romero - Ebony
    Martin Kove Martin Kove - Bingo Brown
    Patrick Kilpatrick Patrick Kilpatrick - Luke Eastman
    Leslie Easterbrook Leslie Easterbrook - Babette Schiller
    Mike Genovese Mike Genovese - Micheal
    Suzanne Kendall Suzanne Kendall - Babette's Driver
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