» » The Final Leaves of Winter (2015)

Short summary

A tragic love story about Eveline, a young married woman. She is trapped in an abusive relationship, subjected to physical and sexual violence at the hands of her husband, Sgt James Taylor. She meets a young army officer, Robbie Stevenson and immediately falls in love. Robbie offers Eve, everything her husband can't, comfort, love and respect. Eve becomes plagued with guilt for her unfaithful actions and finally confesses via written form to her then alias husband who is at the very heart of the war. When Stg, James Taylor is made aware of the situation involving his wife and Robbie he takes his aggression to new lows. Robbie dies, and Eve is now doomed with the life she can not escape.

Credited cast:
Jonathan Arkwright Jonathan Arkwright - Robbie
Richard Goss Richard Goss - Sergeant Jones
Matthew C. Martino Matthew C. Martino - Doorman
Gabriella Montrose Gabriella Montrose - Eveline
Charlotte Peak Charlotte Peak - Katherine Taylor
Jack Riddiford Jack Riddiford - Corporal
Greg Snowden Greg Snowden - Sergeant James Taylor
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